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25 мая, 22:31

Roubini Bullish on Colombia's Economic Future

Nouriel Roubini ve con buenos ojos el futuro económico de... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website : www.nourielroubini.blogspot.com for full story! ]]

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25 мая, 19:22

Fed Watch: Fed Not Ready To Change Course

Tim Duy: Fed Not Ready To Change Course, by Tim Duy: The minutes of the May Federal Reserve meeting reveal central bankers remained poised to raise interest rates again in June: With respect to the economic outlook and its implications...

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25 мая, 10:06

Links for 05-25-17

Why Work Requirement Became a Theme of the Trump Budget - NYTimes Equitable Growth in Conversation: Sandra Black - John Schmitt Democracy and the politics of intolerance - Understanding Society A Note on Coursera CEO Rick Levin's Clark Kerr Lecture......

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24 мая, 22:54

Накануне ФСР-3 в Вильнюсе состоялся Russia Forum 2017

Одна из панелей этой встречи:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Moz4FBzNi4k

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24 мая, 20:24

Сквозь терни к звёздам...

О стратегии работы сайта.

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24 мая, 20:08

Последний шанс ЦиХа

Реновация, реновация ... А под ее прикрытием -- разрушение ракетно-ядерного щита нашей Родины.

24 мая, 19:09

Trump’s “China Deal” is Only a Good Deal for China

Larry Summers: Trump’s “China deal” is only a good deal for China: The events of the last week have crowded out reflection on economic policy. But things have been happening. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross described the trade deal reached with...