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25 мая, 23:02

АФК Система объяснила рост претензий Роснефти

Роснефть увеличила претензии к АФК Система в полтора раза, до 170,6 млрд руб., поскольку выручка якобы пострадавшей от действий Системы Башнефти привязана к валюте. Об этом говорится в ходатайстве истца, которое опубликовала Система . Юристы называют обоснование нефтяной компании сомнительным Подробнее читайте на нашем сайте www.oilru.com

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25 мая, 23:00

Europe Joins Race For Cheaper Batteries With This Gigafactory

Everybody is making batteries these days, it seems. The EV revolution is coming, and as none other than Glencore’s Ivan Glasenberg said last week, it’s coming faster than we had expected. The latest news confirming this came from Germany. At the start of this week, Daimler broke ground on a US$559-million (500-million euro) battery factory in Kamenz, Germany, claiming it will be one of the largest and most modern battery factories in Europe. The carmaking giant has made clear its intentions for superfast growth in the EV segment.…

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25 мая, 22:52

Iraq’s Oil Minister: Kurdistan Exports Not Part Of OPEC Cut Extension

The oil exports of Iraq’s semi-autonomous region of Kurdistan are not subject to the extension of OPEC’s production cuts, Iraq’s Oil Minister Jabbar al-Luaibi told Kurdish media network Rudaw during the OPEC meeting in Vienna on Thursday. According to OPEC delegates, the cartel agreed today to extend the current output cuts for nine months until March 2018. “The reduction doesn’t include the Kurdistan Region,” Luaibi told Rudaw. “But we will be trying to include the Kurdistan Region in the reduction…

25 мая, 22:42

UAE Gains Edge In $165 Billion Caspian Oil & Gas Market

The United Arab Emirates has spearheaded the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) initiative to increase its presence in the Caspian Sea nations—Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan - all petrostates still suffering from almost three years of bearish oil markets. New data from MEED Projects, a consulting firm that tracks development in the Middle East and North Africa, shows UAE-based Arabtec’s $1 billion project to construct the Abu Dhabi plaza in the capital of Kazakhstan, Dragon Oil’s drilling license in Turkmenistan, and shipping…

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25 мая, 21:11

What Is Behind The Surge Of Russian Oil Exports To India?

In the first five months of 2017, Indian companies have purchased more than 1 million tons of Russian crude supplied from Black Sea ports. In and of itself, there would be nothing extraordinary about it, were it not for the almost complete lack of supplies before 2017. India already surpassed its average Urals imports twentyfold (the past few years’ annual import volumes lingered around a mere 50ktpa) and is on course to increase the ratio higher still. On one hand, Indian companies that acquired minor stakes in Rosneft’s Siberian assets…

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25 мая, 21:08

Oil Crashes To $48 Handle As Iran Says It Won’t Cut Output

Iran’s current crude oil output level will not be reduced under the extension of the OPEC production cuts, Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh was quoted as saying on Thursday. “Iran’s oil output would stand at 3.8 mb/d,” Zanganeh said in Vienna – as quoted by Trend news agency - where OPEC meets to discuss the details of the output cut extension. OPEC agreed to extend the current cuts for nine months until March 2018 in what was a widely expected decision that sent oil prices plunging as investors hoped for more.…

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25 мая, 19:15

ОПЕК продлила соглашение об ограничении добычи нефти на 9 месяцев

Вена. ОПЕК и страны, не входящие в картель, договорились продлить действие соглашения о сокращении добычи нефти еще на 9 месяцев. Об этом сообщил министр нефти Ирана Бижан Зангане. "Да", - сказал Зангане, отвечая на соответствующий вопрос. ...

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25 мая, 18:45

Unveiled: Venezuela, Syria’s Secret Scheme To Bypass Oil Sanctions

A Bloomberg investigation has uncovered a plan by Venezuela and Syria to circumvent Western sanctions on the Middle Eastern nation and ship its crude oil to Aruba to refine it and then market it internationally, including in the U.S. The plan, Ben Bartenstein writes, was never actually realized, but it involved selling Syrian oil to Venezuela at a substantial discount, and then shipping it through a Russian shale company to Aruba, which houses one of the world’s largest refineries, property of Valero Energy and leased to Venezuela’s…

25 мая, 18:30

Equatorial Guinea Joins OPEC

Equatorial Guinea has become the 14th member of OPEC on the day the cartel announced a nine-month extension of its November 2016 crude oil production cut. The addition, as reported to Reuters by a source from Guinea’s oil ministry, makes the country the sixth oil producer in Africa to join the organization. Equatorial Guinea, which is currently the third-largest oil producer in Africa, said back in January that it was looking to join OPEC, which would boost the continent’s overall influence on international oil markets. The country…

25 мая, 18:30

Texas Claims Victory As OPEC Forced To Roll Over Oil Production Cuts

“Texas shale producers forced OPEC this morning to extend its oil production cuts for 9 months,” Texas Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton said on Twitter on Thursday, shortly after OPEC agreed to extend the oil production cuts for nine months until March 2018. On Wednesday, Sitton said that “OPEC meets tomorrow and is expected to cut oil production again thanks to the resiliency of Texas shale drillers.” “Less OPEC oil on the market enhances the opportunity for American energy to fill needs around the world,…