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Official: UK to shortly introduce legislation to trigger Brexit; plans to stick to March timeline

Official: UK to shortly introduce legislation to trigger Brexit; plans to stick to March timeline .

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Syria’s government envoy says Astana talks succeeded in consolidating cease-fire, paved way for further peace talks

Syria’s government envoy says Astana talks succeeded in consolidating cease-fire, paved way for further peace talks.

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Briton fatally shot in Porsche in Thai resort town

Thai police say a 39-year-old British man was killed in his Porsche sedan in the resort town of Pattaya by a gunman who pulled open the door and shot him at point-blank range.

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Anthony Cronin obituary

Poet, critic and columnist who was Ireland’s most prominent man of letters for more than half a centuryWhen Charles Haughey became Taoiseach in 1979, one of his priorities was to repair the fraught relationship between the Irish state and its artists. He appointed the poet and critic Anthony Cronin, who has died aged 92, to be his artistic adviser. Cronin had, over the previous five years, written a trenchant column in the Irish Times on the theme of the relationship between the artist and the world. He also had produced a brilliant memoir, Dead as Doornails (1976), about the lives of six artists, including Patrick Kavanagh, Brendan Behan and Flann O’Brien, all of them friends of his, who had died of drink.Cronin was, for more than half a century, Ireland’s most prominent man of letters. Although he was called to the bar, he never practised. A true bohem ian, he moved easily and effortlessly between Dublin and London and Spain. In the 1950s, he was editor of the influential journal the Bell in Dublin and was later the literary editor of Time and Tide in London. He wrote regularly for the Times Literary Supplement and was one of the first to recognise the importance of Samuel Beckett as a writer of prose. Continue reading...

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Best photos of the day: a South Korean portrait and a Mexican volcano

The Guardian’s picture editors bring you a selection of photo highlights from around the world, including a soldier in Pyeongchang and the Colima volcano Continue reading...

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How teenage prodigy Aditi Ashok is becoming the face of golf in India

Aditi Ashok, who last year became the youngest ever winner of a Q-school for an international tour, has a special opportunity to grow golf in her home countryAditi Ashok is quickly becoming the face of golf in India. Last year, the 18-year-old represented India at the Rio Olympics when golf made a reappearance after a 108-year hiatus; she became the youngest golfer to win the Ladies European Tour’s qualifying school, making her the first Indian-born golfer to win a Q-school of an internationally ranked tour; she subsequently won two LET tournaments, becoming the first Indian to win on the tour, earning rookie of the year; and in December, she became the second Indian-born golfer to earn her LPGA tour card.When she picked up golf at five years old, it immediately clicked, “I liked the fact that golf was an individual sport. Each day was a different experience and that’s what kept me interested, as I never got bored with the game as a child.” Continue reading...

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Schoolboy who killed himself did other pupils' homework, court told

Asad Khan, 11, from Bradford was being paid for the homework in the days before he was found dead amid claims of bullying An 11-year-old boy who killed himself amid claims he was being bullied at school had been doing other pupils’ homework for payment, a court has heard.Asad Khan was found by his mother after she forced her way through the locked door to his bedroom at their home in Bradford on 28 September. Continue reading...

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Poll confirms Southern’s status as UK's worst-performing rail firm

Only 30% of passengers said last journey had been punctual, while one in eight said train operator had dealt well with delaysSouthern’s status as Britain’s worst-performing train operator has been confirmed by the national rail passenger survey, which shows growing dissatisfaction across the country. Related: Seaford: the town cut off by the Southern rail dispute Continue reading...

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The U.S. Navy is Moving at Warp Speed to Develop Super Lasers

Mike Fabey, Kris Osborn Security, But it won't be easy.  Laser weapons will be developed through a three-phased approach in order to fire the weapon from destroyers at cruise missiles, drones, aircraft and small boats. The U.S. Navy is moving at warp speed to develop lasers with more lethality, precision and power sources as a way to destroy attacking missiles, drones aircraft and other threats.  “We’re doing a lot more with lasers," Rear Adm. Ronald Boxall, director, Surface Warfare Division, said earlier this month at the annual Surface Naval Association national symposium. The Navy plans to fire a 150-kw weapon off a test ship within a year, he said. “Then a year later, we’ll have that on a carrier or a destroyer or both.” That’s quite a jump from the kw AN/SEQ-3(XN-1) Laser Weapon System (LaWS), which deployed in 2014 on the amphibious transport dock USS Ponce. And the kind of power needed to power such a weapon won’t come with a simple flip of a switch. “The Navy will be looking at ships’ servers to provide three times that much power,” says Donald Klick, director of business development, for DRS Power and Control Technologies. “To be putting out 150 kws, they (the laser systems) will be consuming 450 kws.” That is more than most currently operational ships are designed to accommodate, at least when they are conducting other tasks. “Few power systems onboard ships can support sustained usage of a high-powered laser without additional energy storage,” noted a recent Naval Postgraduate School paper titled “Power Systems and Energy Storage Modeling for Directed Energy Weapons”. The paper said, “The new DDG-1000 may have enough electrical energy, but other platforms … may require some type of ‘energy magazine.’ This magazine stores energy for on-demand usage by the laser. It can be made up of batteries, capacitors, or flywheels, and would recharge between laser pulses. The energy magazine should allow for sustained usage against a swarm of targets in an engagement lasting up to twenty minutes. Read full article

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Why there was no Women's March in Russia

The world responded in its own way to the inauguration of Donald Trump, the 45th U.S. president. The symbol of the global protest action, held simultaneously in 673 cities around the globe, became the pink woolen pussy-hat. The protesters promised to speak out “loudly and proudly”, “everywhere and anywhere for years to come”. Thousands joined the demonstrations in support of women's rights and against sexism and xenophobia under the collective name Women's March in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Kenya, the Czech Republic, and many other countries. Organizers stressed that they were marching in support of equal rights for all genders and all social strata, rather than against Trump. The billionaire president was merely an antagonist symbol for them, owing to repeated insulting statements he made toward women during the course of his campaign. It all started on January 21 with a rally in Washington, whose key speakers included actress Scarlett Johansson and singer Madonna. Other cities and countries joined the pussy-hat protest, which was organized by feminist and rights movements. In Russia, a Women's March had been planned for January 22. The timing, however, was confusing: Two o'clock in the morning on the banks of the Moscow River, as the announcement read. So Russian women simply didn't show up. Time confusion Organizer, Loretta Marie, told RBTH: “I had the idea to set up a women's march in solidarity with women around the world. I knew this would be tricky in Moscow - I'm from Singapore and lived in Beijing, so I'm very aware of the restrictions on democratic demonstrations in certain countries [in fact, there are no restriction on protest actions in Russia, but you need to get the authorities' agreement beforehand - RBTH].” Marie attempted to connect with people via social networks. She was not expecting a crowd: “At most one of two people who might join”. The protest was not even to be held in the form of a march, but rather as a short walk across the city in solidarity, Marie explained. She advertised it on her website: “I had originally listed it as 10 am, I'm not sure how the time got changed. In the end, the women who had approached me decided not to join the march, so it remained a march of one, just me. I just went to walk along Vorobyovy Gory and then I took some photos.” Social media On social networks, the question of why there were no protest actions in Russia has come up. Replies tend to be very emotional, for various reasons. “The [Women's March] aesthetics is totally foreign to me, I am a man of different values!” Internet user Sergey Marchenko wrote on Facebook. The pussy-hat concept proved too bold a visualization for Russian society, some suggested. Others argued that during the 2011-12 protests in Moscow, some of the demonstrators were wearing all sorts of costumes, from an egg to a condom, so the visualization allegations were a little off target. Nevertheless, Russian opposition figures ignored the international Women's Marches. The only reaction came from Alexey Navalny, who tweeted: “A march of 500,000 thousand but not a single cop. In Moscow, any major rally effectively results in the introduction of martial law.” Russian feminist activist Maria Arbatova told RBTH it was not really about pussy-hats: “Our historical realities are different. In the U.S., the feminist movement has in the past worked with gay rights movements and those of colored migrants in the 1960s. In Russia, all these issues are considered separately. This is why there is no grassroots movement for these rights in Russia. No parallels at all can be drawn here. Besides, there is no consolidated women's movement in Russia.” Arbatova added that the Russian opposition had never been concerned with either women's rights or gay rights. Many of those who paid attention to the international protest action apparently wondered who had sponsored it. Internet user Mikhail Kalashnikov wrote: “There have been rumors on the Internet that many small outlets catering to women, such as beauty parlors and yoga studios, were offering their patrons $35 and a free bus ride to the location for taking part.” The most frequent questions from Russian Internet users were along the lines of: “What has Trump done to women, particularly outside America?” or: “Why all these marches after the election, when nothing can be changed anyway?” Read more: Why do most Russian women hate feminism?

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Trump once said women should be punished for abortion. Now, he's making it happen | Lucia Graves

The ‘global gag rule’ strips funding from vital reproductive services around the world. For many women, that will mean a return to life-threatening practicesIn the mass of protesters thronging the National Mall in Washington DC on Saturday, one sign stood out to me. It was a wire close hanger mounted on cardboard, held by a young woman of color in pigtails. “Never again,” it read.As it turns out, for poor women overseas, never was only as far away as Monday. Continue reading...

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Conway: I have secret service protection because of the media

Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway said Monday that she is under the protection of a secret service detail and that she has received packages at her home containing “white substances.”Conway brought up the threats against her and her family during an interview on Fox News’s “Hannity” amid an exchange about what she and other Trump administration officials consider to be unfair treatment from the media. As Trump administration officials have done regularly in recent days, Conway criticized an inaccurate press pool report from Friday that stated that a bust of Martin Luther King Jr. had been removed from the Oval Office, when in fact it had not been.The pool report was quickly corrected and the reporter apologized, but Conway and others have suggested that motives behind it might be more nefarious, part of a strategy to portray Trump as racist. On “Hannity,” Conway said she would not name the reporter behind the pool report in order to protect him from the type of harassment she said she has become subject to.“I don't say his name publicly because I don't want him to get attacked like I do. Because of what the press is doing now to me, I have secret service protection,” she said. “We have packages delivered to my house with white substances. That is a shame and yes I hold him to account for it.”The Secret Service did not immediately return an email seeking confirmation that Conway is under its protection.