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29 сентября, 16:41

OuiShare: a modern cult

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Always hopeful for something – some event, something – to add to the gaiety of life in this interval consisting of things that do not add to the gaiety: Trump, Brexit, unaffordable housing. Nothing for ages and then, all of … Continue reading →

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27 сентября, 15:07


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Remember the Pirate Party? Back in September 2011, they boarded the Berlin city-state legislature, winning 8.9 percent of the vote. That put five parties in the legislature and complicated the coalition math. They highlighted the Greens’ generational challenges, put digital … Continue reading →

25 сентября, 10:09

Reds Got the Blues? No.

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Over on social media, a friend-of-a-friend said that the strong showing of the far-right AfD in Sunday’s German election was “further erosion of the neoliberal left.” Yeah, no. Here’s what the main public broadcaster in Germany has from their polling … Continue reading →

22 сентября, 16:13

German Elections on Sunday

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Some thoughts about Germany’s election this Sunday, hoisted from comments over on Facebook. They’re more about personal preferences, and maybe not anything new for the three readers Fistful still has after Brexit broke the blog. (By the way, there’s still … Continue reading →

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23 марта, 11:24

Brexit and Airlines

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About a week before the UK government triggers Article 50, and the stories are just rolling out about taking control how difficult untangling the UK from the EU is going to be, how much business is going to head across … Continue reading →

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21 марта, 14:31

Brexit and Banks

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With Prime Minister May due to trigger Article 50 eight days from now, shit’s about to get real the clock is about to start ticking, not least for the huge financial center in London. Nothing in the present UK government … Continue reading →

07 марта, 16:58

The Populist Papers: 29 Years of Populism

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Thinking about Brexit, the Donald, Austria having a presidential election replay, and other things, it struck me that in a sense I’ve lived through a Populist Era, a parallel history to the official narrative of ever-closer European union and what … Continue reading →

22 февраля, 18:03

Made it through another month

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Now that Trump has outlasted William Henry Harrison as president of the United States, perhaps it’s time to publish here something I wrote elsewhere just a few days after the American election. Germany’s next. If there is any major leader … Continue reading →

20 января, 15:24

Well then.

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Looking back at posts from January 2009, I see a mix of hope and serious concern. Country after country was following the US into what has since become known as the Great Recession. It is reckoned by some as the … Continue reading →