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24 сентября, 10:06

The displaced and 'forgotten' in Colombia's Soacha slum

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The impoverished Colombian city that's home to victims of Colombia's conflict and thousands of Venezuela's migrants.

18 сентября, 07:40

Cox's Bazar: Chaos all around at Rohingya camps

Refugees who fled Myanmar endure dire conditions at impromptu camps as they wait for aid amid torrential rain.

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18 сентября, 02:02

UN's Guterres urges Kurds in Iraq to scrap referendum

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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says next week's scheduled referendum detracts from the fight against ISIL.

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18 сентября, 00:30

'We will kill you all': Rohingya beg for safe passage

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Thousands of Muslim-majority Rohingya encircled by hostile Buddhists in Rathedaung are pleading for a secure way out.

17 сентября, 23:12

Who deserves the Nobel Peace Prize?

One of the world's most prestigious prizes honouring peacemakers will be announced on October 6.

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17 сентября, 22:12

Qatar to buy 24 fighter jets from Britain

Doha signs agreement to purchase two dozen Typhoon aircraft in second major arms purchase since Gulf crisis began.

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17 сентября, 21:46

US: N Korea to be 'destroyed' if behaviour continues

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UN Ambassador Haley warns Pyongyang 'a whole lot of military options' are being considered to defend US and allies.

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17 сентября, 21:06

US considers embassy closure in Cuba over 'incidents'

Secretary of state says closing US embassy in Havana is 'under review' after possible sonic attacks on staff.

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17 сентября, 20:47

German far-right party calls for Merkel to be punished

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Far-right AfD denounces chancellor for letting 1 million refugees into the country and vows to 'severely punish' her.

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17 сентября, 18:57

Iran's Khamenei: Tehran will not bow to US bullying

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Supreme leader warns US against undermining nuclear deal, saying his nation has been acting honestly over the agreement.

17 сентября, 18:41

Trump takes aim at N Korea's 'Rocket Man' on Twitter

US president sends out unbridled tweets, targeting Democratic rival Hillary Clinton and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

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17 сентября, 18:19

Narendra Modi inaugurates Sardar Sarovar Dam

Prime minister inaugurates India's biggest dam on his 67th birthday, ignoring warnings from environmental groups.