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17 марта, 01:41

New Constructs | Even Without the Law, Fiduciary Rule Awareness Remains

After lengthy delays and attempts to kill the regulation, the Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule went in to partial effect in June 2017. Now, the fifth circuit court has struck

16 марта, 02:31

U.S. Weekly FundFlows Insight Report: Equity Funds Attract Net New Money for the Week in Spite of Fears of Inflation and a Trade War

For the first week in four investors were net redeemers of fund assets (including those of conventional funds and ETFs), withdrawing $291 million. However, the headline number was a bit

13 марта, 12:43

Cheap Funds Dupe Investors – 1Q18

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Fund holdings affect fund performance more than fees or past performance. A cheap fund is not necessarily a good fund. A fund that has done well in the past is

12 марта, 17:25

EU Benchmark Regulation and what it means for financial participants in Asia Pacific

Many financial participants have been so busy with MIFID II that they haven’t understood the impact of the EU Benchmark Regulation, or “EU BMR”, which came into effect on 1st

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12 марта, 10:18

Monday Morning Memo: A Brief View of Measures to Identify “Closet Trackers”

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A topic widely discussed in the European fund industry is actively managed funds that seem simply to follow an index without adding value for investors, while the management company charges

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10 марта, 05:24

Trump’s Tariffs: A costly return to “American” values?

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Trump’s eagerness to pander to vested interests in pursuing a mercantilist policy may well end up taking the US economy back to the 1970s with its vertical Phillips Curve.

09 марта, 23:37

U.S. Fund-Flows Weekly Report: Funds Experience Overall Net Inflows, Driven by Money Market Funds

Thomson Reuters Lipper’s fund asset groups (including both mutual funds and ETFs) took in net new money of $2.4 billion for the fund-flows week ended Wednesday, March 7. The net

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09 марта, 06:44

Q4 2017 U.S. Retail and Restaurant Aggregate Estimates and Revisions

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Of the companies in the Retail/Restaurant Index that have reported earnings to date for Q4 2017, 69% have reported earnings above analyst expectations, 9% matched, while 22% reported revenue below expectations.

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07 марта, 21:06

Market Voice: Why have EURUSD and Rate Spreads Gone in Reverse Gear?

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For much of the past decade deflation has been the bogey man of the U.S. and many other markets and this was true even as the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed)

07 марта, 20:13

New Constructs | Filing Season Finds: Tuesday, March 6

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For March 5, 2018, our forensic accounting red flag comes from a specialty pharmacy company with rising supplier concentration. We pulled this highlight from yesterday’s research of 133 10-K filings,

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06 марта, 20:49

Breakingviews: Euro Zone Reform Faces Green and Red Lights

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Hopes for euro zone reform face both green and red lights. The approval of Germany’s new ruling coalition has cleared the way for plans to strengthen the single currency area.

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05 марта, 18:23

The Market Sentimentalist: Zero-Sum

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*This article originally  published prior to the March Ist  announcement on tariffs by US President Trump One of the numerous criticisms directed towards President Trump is that he tends to view