Press releases from the International Labour Organization
17 марта, 02:00

ILO revises its landmark Declaration on multinational enterprises

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The ILO has revised its landmark MNE Declaration on multinational enterprises and social policy, which provides guidance on how companies can contribute to the realization of decent work for all.

17 марта, 02:00

ILO and Walk Free Foundation to collaborate on Global Estimate of Modern Slavery

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Joint research by the International Labour Organization and the Walk Free Foundation will provide critical data for measuring progress on achieving Target 8.7 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

13 марта, 02:00

ILO and UNFCCC team up to boost action on climate change

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The agreement between the two organizations will bring a substantial contribution to the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

08 марта, 02:00

ILO-Gallup report: Most women prefer to be working

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New landmark report clearly shows that concerns regarding gender equality and achieving a better work-family balance resonate around the world.

06 марта, 23:30

Female unemployment reached 9.8 per cent in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Deteriorating working conditions particularly affect women in the labour market. In an article released this week on the occasion of International Women's Day, José Manuel Salazar, ILO Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean insists on the need to promote employment equality in the region.

27 февраля, 02:00

ILO Impact Insurance Facility takes innovative approach to reduce uninsured risks

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How an ILO programme adds significant value to enterprises and gives hope to some 4 billion low-income people still excluded from appropriate insurance products throughout the world.

23 февраля, 11:00

What is driving inequality in Europe?

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A new report by the ILO in cooperation with the European Commission looks at the key factors leading to rising inequalities in fourteen EU Member States.

15 февраля, 02:00

Report: The pros and cons of telework

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New ILO-Eurofound report shows that the use of modern communication technologies facilitates a better overall work-life balance but, at the same time, also blurs the boundaries between work and personal life.

03 февраля, 20:17

ILO at Nobel laureates’ summit: Employment is key to peace

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Representing the ILO at the 16th World Nobel Peace Prize Laureates’ Summit in Colombia, ILO Regional Director José Manuel Salazar highlighted the challenge to make peace socially sustainable.

30 января, 12:41

ILO donors visit refugee response frontline in Jordan

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Donors examine outcomes of ILO employment programmes for Syrian refugees and Jordanians.