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21 ноября, 19:27

The Right Way to Buy Cryptocurrencies

Today, Adam is sharing his view of the best way to buy cryptocurrencies. This simple approach has already earned him some huge profits.

21 ноября, 18:51

Why Marvell Stock Is Rated a "Hold" Before Earnings

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Marvell stock is beating the market, and it reports earnings soon. But does that make it a good buy today?

20 ноября, 19:26

How Thanksgiving Dinner Is Getting Cheaper

In real terms, Thanksgiving dinner is cheaper than it’s ever been. Today, Alex discusses how our free market system has given us more affordable turkeys.

19 ноября, 16:00

Andy Gordon Discusses Bitcoin Futures

Today on Forward Guidance, Early Investing co-founder Andy Gordon discusses the imminent launch of bitcoin futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

18 ноября, 16:00

Three Income Stocks That Are Saving Lives

Income stocks have a reputation for being boring. But these three dividend-raising healthcare companies could save your life someday...

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18 ноября, 00:51

Investor Insight: Take-Two Interactive Software Stock

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Take-Two Interactive Software stock had a rough day in the market on Friday November 17… Shares dropped -0.91% and closed the day at $117.82. They're now trading 2.32% below their 52-week high of $120.62. With today's drop, Take-Two Interactive Software now has a market cap of $14 billion. That makes it a large cap company. The business operates in the entertainment software industry and employs 3,707 people. Its shares trade primarily on the NASDAQ stock exchange. Take-Two Interactive Software has 114.05 million shares outstanding and 3.14 million traded hands for the day. That's above the average 30-day volume of 1.91 million shares. Over the last five years, Take-Two Interactive Software's revenue is up by 24.35%. You can see this growth in annual revenue chart below... In the last year alone, Take-Two Interactive Software's revenue has grown by 30.54%. That's a solid sign for Take-Two Interactive Software stock owners. We like to invest in companies that grow their sales. A growing top line is a sign of a healthy business. For now, Take-Two Interactive Software will continue to pull in revenue. So let's take a closer look at the company's total financial health. One of the best way to do that is by looking at its balance sheet... Take-Two Interactive Software's cash comes in at over $1 billion and the company's debt is only $252 million... Take-Two Interactive Software's cash pile is larger than its total debt. The company is financially sound for now and can take on new projects. What is Take-Two Interactive Software Stock Worth? Let's look at a few key ratios to determine the value of Take-Two Interactive Software stock… Price-to-Earnings (P/E): This ratio comes in at 100.92 for Take-Two Interactive Software. That's high. A high P/E ratio shows that investors are already expecting high earnings growth. Price-to-Book (P/B): This ratio is a cornerstone for value investors. A lower number here indicates a better value play. And at 9.08, Take-Two Interactive Software looks reasonable… but P/B varies greatly based on the industry. These are two great metrics to start with when valuing a company. But company analysis should go much further. Keep an eye out for more of my analysis. Rob Otman P.S. If you're interested in finding Strong Buy stocks yourself, check out 3 Powerful Technical Indicators for Smarter Investing. We’ll show you how to eliminate emotional bias from your trading process with three powerful technical tools you can start using to boost your trading profits immediately. Click here to learn more.

17 ноября, 17:00

The Biggest Irrational Fears for Investors

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Many investors have not entirely irrational fears of staying in a position for too long. Today, Alex discusses some easy ways to confront these fears.

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17 ноября, 01:10

Investor Insight: Red Hat Stock Analysis

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In the last year alone, Red Hat's revenue has grown by 14.68%. That's a solid sign for Red Hat stock owners. We like to invest in companies that...

16 ноября, 18:52

Zinc and the Base Metals Are Telling Us Something Important

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Base metals like zinc don’t usually get much investor attention. But recently they’ve been sending us important signals about the global economy...

16 ноября, 18:08

Is Jacobs Engineering Stock Undervalued or Overvalued Before Earnings?

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Jacobs Engineering stock is underperforming the market. It's beaten down, but it reports earnings soon. So is it a good time to buy?

15 ноября, 19:03

What the Cord Cutters Don’t Want to Admit

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Almost 15% of Americans are now cord cutters. But are analog services like cable TV and landlines really dying?

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15 ноября, 00:55

Yum Brands Stock Owner Insight

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In the last year alone, Yum Brands's revenue has dropped by -1.15%. That's not a good sign for Yum Brands stock owners...