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25 мая, 08:53

It's Time for an H-1B Presidency for the U.S.A.

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The protection costs for Trump's private properties to be paid for by the taxpayers are mounting: https://www.yahoo.com/news/secret-budget-asks-25m-protect-trump-tower-182124669--politics.html So are the costs(some say about $3 millions per weekend trip) for most of his weekends' retreats to Trump's Florida resort, Mara-a-Lago, to relieve his golfing itches for ho'es-in-one. "Grab them golf clubs as if you're holding a sausage of girth," said the golfing instructor to my child. The classic corporate strategy for cost control is to outsource so we taxpayers need to clamor for bringing in an H-1B Presidency from India, China, Iran, or Saudi Arabia. India knows information technology so it can patrol pornography consumption in the U.S. well, with a native cultural passion for Kama Sutra. China knows the intricacies and the stolen trade secrets of manufacturing technologies. Great, great choice for the Department of Commerce. Iran is a former British colony destined for regional dominance. It can speak English well and build the first Shi'ite nuclear-tipped ICBM to counterbalance the Sunn'i nuclear bombs of Pakistan. That will stabilize the Middle East. Ah Mad Dinner Jar said that Iran had no homosexuals because it executed them. Pity Iran's beautiful young women who love a sense of humor! Saudi Arabia knows how to deal with dissents - it doesn't have Any, just ask al-Qaeda and ISIL. I just love looking at their beautiful green(what a distinctive color to evoke a desert emotion) flag with the baculum symbol underwriting it all. My mind is already drifting to the harem. Oh yes, I recall the succulent tales of the 1001 Arabian Nights with pleasure. The Navigator asks, "Isn't Trumpanzia a great, Great harem taken altogether?" 'Tis.

24 мая, 16:18

Austerity Hopium

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Cuba is 32nd, 1 position lower than US in average life expectancy. That is: 79.1 and 79.3 years respectively. The top income earners in America live 4.5 years longer on average than most, who are a lot closer to the bottom than the top. That fact is missed if all you see is the overall mean life expectancy. My guess is that our median is probably closer to 75 years LE, while Cuba's is closer to 79. If the median life expectancy is closer to the average in Cuba, does that indicate a more equal income distribution or a society in which health care is the same for everyone, because there's a single payer? If so, that's a strong argument against for profit medicine, especially the big pharma extortionists. Exercise: similar comparison wrt infant mortality rate. In Britain, Theresa May calls the austerity cuts to NHS that's been said to be causing 30,000 unnecessary deaths per year, "... living within our means." Of course the cost savings all go into the pockets of the ruling aristocracy and wannabes like May love it. Austerians are hopium addicts. http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2017/05/government-austerity-demands-die-within-means.html How many deaths are at the door of the perpetual austerity promoted by Ronald Reagan during his cruel reign of wealth concentration?

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18 мая, 17:35

Straw Man

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Revealing classified information to the Russians is a straw man. The Republicans are desperate to distract us from Trump's criminal blunder. They've been accused of using "weapons of mass distraction" in the past. We must always remember: there's no honesty or sincerity in conservatives. The most serious Trump crime is obstruction of justice. He fired Comey, because of his failure to drop the Flynn investigation. The Donald waited long enough for the fact to drop from his and his base supporter's consciousness. With his and their 3 minute attention span, forgetting important details is easy. We're dealing with 2 year old mentalities after all. Obstruction of Justice is what brought Nixon down. If, unlike sociopaths and psychopaths, conservatives actually had consciences, the Republicans would be impeach Trump now!

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17 мая, 16:25

Right-nut funding networks conspiracy thwarts American prosperity

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12 мая, 21:21

Writing "Traitor Trump"

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Trump fired Comey! The only reason I can come up with for this jarring action is that Comey was the only one who could possibly uncover and reveal the true story behind Russia’s role in the 2016 election and Trump’s cooperation with the Kremlin. There's no one else who can or will do that. The Republican heads of the Congressional investigating committees are Trump’s lapdogs, who will not allow the truth about their “master” to be come out. And Trump will appoint some toady to head the FBI and bury the investigation. What can be done about this? Not much, since the Trumpite Republicans control the House, the Senate, the White House and now the Supreme Court. This is extremely important, and I am totally frustrated. However, I have come up with a way that gives me a little relief. I plan to write “Traitor Trump” on every piece of currency I get before spending it. While I am sure this will not make any major difference, it does allow me to vent. PS My admittedly amateur research indicates that writing “Traitor Trump” on currency is perfectly legal.

11 мая, 20:14

The Rich: A Parasitic Disease

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"It's only human nature to compete and try to get ahead of your neighbor." The belief that fundamental human nature is self interest and not social instinct to preserve community well being is the reason you and your children will be perpetual slaves serving our rich masters. And yes, it is possible to rise up and become a rich master yourself. You need only be psychopath or sociopath enough to willfully parasitize and threaten the human race's existence in order to satisfy your individual desires. But what are the odds? I'll try to answer that rhetorical question with a sufficiently simplified analogy that will make possible comprehension by one so immature and challenged by privilege as a billionaire brat like Trump. If a closed community of 100 people have 100 apples that are all the wealth of the community and one person owns 90 of them, then 10/99 apples are all that it's possible for everyone else to have - no matter how it's distributed among us. That's 10.1% of one apple each, on average, for 99 out of one hundred people. There! I've done the math for you. The exception to the limitation on wealth is, of course, to borrow from the privileged one and pay interest and be in debt bondage to it. Ultimately that debt kite must fall. Our culture and economy are a dead end. Our masters are more self destructive than any of us but too puerile and spoiled to understand it. They are parasites that threaten the survival of the human race: the host they parasitize. If you want to be one of them, I must ask: When will you grow up? The ownership of more property than an economic unit of equals needs for its life and livelihood is a symptom of the parasitic disease that afflicts our economy and culture. The rich are a threat to the survival of the human race. They are a disease that we must cure, if we are to survive. They're more dangerous than all the tyrants and terrorists since the beginning of civilization. I'll vote for anyone who promises to tax the rich until the disease is cured. Even if they fall short of the mark, any move in that direction is better than what the politicians we have today are doing. Part of the ultimate prognosis for a permanent cure will be, of course, to communitize the FIRE sector and do whatever else we need in common of, by and for the people on a non-profit basis.

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08 мая, 18:30

I support strong net neutrality backed by Title II oversight of ISPs.

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gofccyourself.org https://www.fcc.gov/ecfs/search/proceedings?q=name:((17-108)) http://time.com/4770205/john-oliver-fcc-net-neutrality/

08 мая, 01:13

Demand Net Neutrality

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Most search engines in 1996 listed sites according to the relevance of the content to the search phrase. Content was discovered by keywords in the opening paragraphs, title and/or Meta tags in the html header. You'd see a lot of universities and company informational sites but very little if any ads. Today, even with the nominal net neutrality rules we have, the initial listings are always advertisements that offer usually less relevant information you can pay to view or contain some other kind of baited hook. These are given priority over the .edu and .org sites that often serve the public interest with genuinely relevant information. Under the 2015 FCC ruling, ISPs are classified "common carriers," like telephone, taxi and public utility entities and must deal somewhat fairly with all customers and services delivered. If the Trump administration and their new FCC head, Ajit Pai have their way, profit alone will constrain. "... Ajit Pai is, of course, the new FCC commissioner under the incoming Trump Administration, which immediately moved to re-open the debate and roll back the ISPs Title II [common carrier] designation ..." http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2017/04/trump-administrationtries-roll-back-net-neutrality.html Pai claims that allowing discrimination of content and charging for fast lanes on the internet will encourage investment and ultimately benefit consumers. Why do we consistently fall for that absurd rationalization of the greedy master parasites?! How are increased profits for investors, which must consist of increased costs for us, beneficial to us? Yet that's always the party line for whatever evil the Wall St elites wish to do to their hosts - we, the human race. I think the rich in America, at the time of the Revolution, were Tory Traitors who never paid for their perfidy. In the terms of the Treaty of Paris of 1783, they were allowed to keep their freedom and property. Even the British Army was allowed to take its booty as it left. Benedict Arnold got a pass too. Resist ongoing Tory treachery. Demand Net Neutrality.

30 апреля, 21:23

Original Sin 2017

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The domestication/enslavement of animals, agriculture and the invention of a god who approved such, followed by the debt enslavement of the human race is the ongoing Original Sin. In short, Original Sin is civilization/submission to and domination by ruling elite parasites. The story of the rise of civilization and its displacement of a sustainable culture and economy, hunting and gathering, is told in the biblical book of Genesis. It starts with abandoning the garden of eden by the invention of the evil of animal enslavement. Cain murders Abel because the god of the pastoral people felt threatened by settled farmers who interrupted nomadic wanderings. By the end of the book people had been enslaved with debt by a commodities trader/tax collector, Joseph, who acted in the name of political leadership and priesthood. Since then we've been so used to slavery that we're easily distracted with electronic baubles and beads, specious notions of freedom and twisted morality/religion that we don't even notice the force used on anyone who resists domination by the Wall St. tyrants who centrally plan our economy and lives. If we're to be saved, we'll have to save ourselves. If we want to be free of the ravages of original sin, we'll have to find a contemporary way to stop committing it. That can begin by curing ourselves of the financial parasites that have been threatening the human race for nearly four thousand years. The FIRE sector is a parasitic disease that afflicts human culture.

28 апреля, 15:05

K-Street in the Oval Office...while we work for the company store.

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Without net neutrality we will also lose access to community isolated on the lands of each Feudal Lord. The only information we will get is what they choose for us. The internet killed newspapers...so they killed the internet ...they bought all the news stations...and they begin to force us into servitude...WE WORK FOR THE COMPANY STORE...maybe not as obviously as the days of CARNEGIE ...but we do and on a much larger scale and now they are far more powerful and richer than Carnegie...regulation stopped Carnegie from this abuse of the common man...so Trump and Multinational Conglomerates decided to Trogan horse their way into our own government and put an end to the regulation preventing Carnegieism from infecting our ?..OUR nation. We are being ruled and enslaved. All the money we make working goes right back into the pockets of the same group of companies. Hell why not just issue us credits instead of actual money since it all goes right to them anyway...oh wait ...money is just a credit since we adopted the Federal Bank. So we work for our credits and we spend them at the set price of the company store. The store ensures prices are high enough compared to our wages that we can never leave the system. We become servants ...trapped and dependent on the dribblings the divy out. Subject to abuse and bullying and servitude...and less and less rations for our labor. Trump is the ultimate corporate lobbyist...a bully who inflicts the corporate will onto the people of our nation ramming through executive orders and forcing supreme court justices ...this onslaught of injustice against the common man and woman must stop. Reducing the corporate tax rate to 15 percent while those in the middle income range actual working people pay double. Most are headquartered offshore anyway which Trump promised to stop during the election and pay no tax. Trump lied to us so they still have...negative tax. Corporations are given special privilege under the law create a system of separate laws for different "people". We actual people are now unequal under the new rule of law and the system being created is Feudalism...where corporations are given unfair advantage and ownership of the economic landscape and we all toil for their benefit with no upward mobility of our own. The push to get rid if net neutrality is the most blaring example. A regulated internet provided economic opportunity and a fair-ish playing field for the common man so what do they do. They conquer it and force us off the land...if we want back on we must pay. We can't stand by and watch the common man be subordinated into mere serfs held like cattle feeding from the corporate trough. Human beings are being farmed by corporations. Trump is playing number one lobbyist for every greedy corporation seeking to use and abuse the common man. The next democratic candidate needs to take on corporations. Wage a war on wallstreet. Hillary was not that...she sat on the board of Walmart for 6 years for Christ Sake...Bernie was our only hope but the DNC aka Lobbyists for WallStreet in disguise stamped him out...but he too was not tough enough and too focused on subsidies to balance the injustice which yes subsidies are serving as the only counter weight and because of the unfairness are sadly needed BUT... The people don't want government subsidies...they want a fair system. That much is clear. Trump hates the working man and woman...he sees us as pawns to be played with. We common people are just nobodys to him and his kind. They do not care about fairness or justice...they take by force. Are we going to fight back ...

28 апреля, 00:13

Aspen Mayoral Candidate, Occupy Aspen leader, throws "Canna-Ball:" a cannabis fine dining exploration

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Aspen mayoral candidate Lee Mulcahy high on cannabis meal Article Comments (2) Aspen mayoral candidate Lee Mulcahy doesn't have the highest of hopes for next week's election, but he at least hopes to get some of his supporters high. From 5 to 7 tonight at his 53 Forge residence in the Burlingame Ranch subdivision, Mulcahy will host what he is billing as a "fine dining cannabis tasting." Mulcahy said the event is not a fundraiser. It is being held instead to rally against the City Council's decision to renew its water rights on Castle and Maroon creeks, and push for the city to allow pot clubs in Aspen, he said. "This is being held to bring awareness to the whole movement to save the Maroon Bells, stop the dams and to highlight the mayoral question as to whether or not a candidate is for cannabis clubs," he said. "Aspen is a party town, and this is something I think a majority of its citizens would like to see." Mulcahy is making the meal himself. He said his menu will be inspired by his neighbor and chef Randy Placeres, who is part of the fine-dining cannabis cuisine movement. The main course will consist of yellowtail tuna with a ginger-sativa sauce, Mulcahy said. The mail-ballot election is May 2. Mulcahy is challenging Mayor Steve Skadron, who is seeking his third and final two-year term. http://www.aspentimes.com/news/aspen-mayoral-candidate-lee-mulcahy-high-on-cannabis-meal/

20 апреля, 15:32

Original Sin is the invention of a peculiar god

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The domestication/enslavement of animals, agriculture and the invention of a god who approved such, followed by the debt enslavement of the human race is the ongoing Original Sin. In short, Original Sin is civilization/submission to and domination by ruling elite parasites.