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17 ноября, 22:01

Photos of the Week: 11/11–11/17

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The Ministry of Fun Santa School opens for the season in England, a red fox meets a stegosaurus in Siberia, Australians vote to allow same-sex marriage, and much more.

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17 ноября, 21:41

Zimbabwe: How to Make and Break a Democracy

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A filmmaker obtains unprecedented access behind the scenes of a democracy-in-the-making.

17 ноября, 20:10

A Week Around the World With The Atlantic

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President Trump abroad, Islam in context, African turmoil, and more

17 ноября, 14:00

Has the Mueller Probe Hamstrung Trump's Foreign Policy?

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Nixon and Clinton managed to get a great deal done of overseas while facing special prosecutors at home, but Trump has more weaknesses than they did.

17 ноября, 12:50

What It Takes To Make Saudi Islam ‘Moderate’

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Can you curb religious fundamentalism by “eliminating fake and extremist texts”?

16 ноября, 22:27

Australia and the Global Spread of Same-Sex Marriage

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This century has seen laws allowing such unions spread rapidly—but not widely.

16 ноября, 12:50

'It's a Mistake to Underestimate China'

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The country’s massive infrastructure project is a blueprint for growth in the developing world.

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15 ноября, 21:56

Delhi's Toxic Sky

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Toward the end of autumn, parts of northern India and Pakistan are frequently covered by a thick smog caused by a temperature inversion. This year is particularly bad.

15 ноября, 20:39

'Then What Happens?': Congress Questions the President's Authority to Wage Nuclear War

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An ex-general told senators the military could disobey an illegal order. But he wasn’t sure what comes next.

15 ноября, 20:35

How One Man Escaped the 'Hell' of Darfur

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A window into the newfound life of a man who escaped war and torture in his home country.

15 ноября, 19:34

Robert Mugabe's Inner Circle Implodes

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Could a real plan to succeed Zimbabwe’s nonagenarian ruler emerge from his apparent ouster?

15 ноября, 19:12

Robert Mugabe: When a Leader Overstays His Welcome

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The apparent ouster of Zimbabwe’s president marks a power struggle between the independence fighters and a younger generation.