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28 июля, 00:50

Palestinian and Israeli Leaders Are Struggling to Respond to Al Aqsa Crisis

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Both Mahmoud Abbas and Benjamin Netanyahu keep trying to insert themselves into the popular drama.

27 июля, 21:00

Why Does the Kremlin Care So Much About the Magnitsky Act?

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What Russian officials mean when they talk about “adoptions”

27 июля, 17:13

The U.K.'s Mixed Messages on Migration After Brexit

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The issue is a key consideration in talks with the EU.

27 июля, 16:56

When the President Calls You 'Sleazy' on Twitter

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Representative Adam Schiff reflects on a moment he probably knew was coming.

23 июля, 00:15

If Trump Undermines the Iran Deal

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A report suggests the president is looking for ways to get out of the accord. It says a lot about how he views the world.

22 июля, 17:00

Poland: The EU's Next Big Test

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The government’s proposed changes to the supreme court has angered the bloc.

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22 июля, 00:34

Palestinians Suspend Official Contact With Israel

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Tension over new security measures at the Al-Aqsa Mosque have caused violent mass protests.

21 июля, 23:34

What It Means to Have Russian Spies as Clients

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The lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr. once represented the FSB. But that story is less about espionage than about money.

21 июля, 23:33

The End of American Support for Syrian Rebels Was Inevitable

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Where the insurgency is concerned, Trump and Obama have plenty in common.

21 июля, 20:41

Photos of the Week: 7/15–7/21

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Highland games in Scotland, a diving jaguar in France, wildfires in California and western Canada, a wax Donald Trump, and much more.

21 июля, 20:41

Is Trump Bad News for Putin?

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The American president has not proved quite the ally Moscow may have expected.

21 июля, 17:07

Beijing's Backdoor and Iraq's Christians: The Week in Global-Affairs Writing

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The highlights from seven days of reading about the world