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22 января, 12:50

Muslim Refugees Team Up With Anarchists To Shame Greece

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“We try to scandalize the practices of the state, the EU, and even the NGOs.”

22 января, 06:00

Trust Is Collapsing in America

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When truth itself feels uncertain, how can a democracy be sustained?

21 января, 21:35

The Tragedy of Mahmoud Abbas

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As he enters what may be his final years as the leader of Palestine, he appears poised to duplicate the mistakes of Arafat.

21 января, 13:00

Destroying the Iran Deal While Claiming to Save It

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Insisting on a “better” agreement, and threatening to walk away, is a recipe for no deal at all.

20 января, 13:00

America's Role in El Salvador's Deterioration

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Many Salvadorans stayed in the U.S. after a devastating earthquake. But other disasters in the country were man-made.

19 января, 23:04

Who Is Selling Hacking Subscriptions to Governments?

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The same powerful surveillance tools have cropped up in at least two countries—and researchers are looking for the missing link.

19 января, 22:04

Photos of the Week: Transport Mishaps, Epiphany Blessings, Sheep Riding

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The pope’s visit to South America, big surf in Portugal, bull wrestling in India, a false alarm in Hawaii, a massive oil spill in the East China Sea, and much more.

19 января, 21:49

What Foreigners Don't Get About Emmanuel Macron

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In transcending left-right divides, the French president may be creating a monster of a different sort.

19 января, 20:32

What Israel, Liberia, Belarus, and Macedonia Have in Common

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Four countries bucking a global trend

19 января, 18:12

A Week Around the World With The Atlantic

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Changing dynamics with North Korea and tensions in East Asia

19 января, 12:30

The World Has Never Seen an Oil Spill Like This

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A tanker that sank off the Chinese coast was carrying “condensate,” a mix of molecules with radically different properties than crude.

19 января, 01:47

Rex Tillerson's Syria Policy Is Sensible—But It's Fanciful

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The resources the administration is willing to commit are at yawning variance with its ambitious goals.