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25 июня, 20:03

The Danger of Yemen's Secret Prisons

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Black sites in the war-ravaged country help ensure that it will remain fertile ground for terrorists for years to come.

25 июня, 19:35

150 Die in Pakistan After an Oil Tanker Explodes

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Hundreds of people had rushed to collect the leaking fuel before it ignited.

25 июня, 18:20

Turkey's Identity Crisis

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As politicians purposefully polarize their own society for political profit, the result is rage and violence.

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24 июня, 22:32

A Cyberattack on Britain's House of Parliament

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The incident left some members unable to access their email accounts.

24 июня, 18:22

What's the Problem With Al Jazeera?

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The most popular news channel in the Arab world sits uneasily at the center of the Qatar crisis.

24 июня, 17:20

The Gulf's Demands on Qatar Look Designed to Be Rejected

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As Washington loses patience with the Gulf crisis, the Saudi-led campaign resorts to extreme measures.

24 июня, 02:28

It Took Two to Make Russian Meddling Effective

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A Washington Post report on 2016 election interference raises the question: What could Obama have done differently?

23 июня, 20:12

Photos of the Week: 6/17–6/23

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A heatwave in Europe, floating solar farms in China, the America’s Cup in Bermuda, the Royal Highland Show in Scotland, and much more

23 июня, 20:11

The Saudi-Led Bloc's List of Demands to End Qatar Crisis

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The 13 demands include curbing ties with Iran and shuttering Al Jazeera.

23 июня, 18:40

Russia’s Cyberwar Lab and Haiti’s Portable Pharmacies: The Week in Global-Affairs Writing

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The highlights from seven days of reading about the world

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22 июня, 21:36

Scenes From Hong Kong, 'Pearl of the Orient'

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Images of the vertical cityscape, street scenes, monuments, people, and natural landscapes of Hong Kong.

22 июня, 21:17

The Lasting Damage of Trump's 'Tapes' Bluff

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The president’s attempt to intimidate James Comey didn’t merely backfire—it may also embolden hostile regimes to conclude his other threats are equally empty.