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27 июня, 01:57

The Senate's Health-Care Bill Is Still Unaffordable for Poor People

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The Congressional Budget Office finds that while the upper chamber’s plan is more generous and stable than the AHCA, it leaves about as many low-income people without coverage.

27 июня, 01:47

Why (Some) Historians Should Be Pundits

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The question isn’t whether they have anything of value to offer. It’s whether they can avoid partisan vituperation along the way.

27 июня, 00:49

The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Catch-22 Million

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The Congressional Budget Office projects that the Senate Republican health-care bill would leave 22 million more people uninsured by 2026.

26 июня, 23:47

The Highest Form of Disagreement

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The best way to argue is to take on your opponents’ strongest arguments, not their weakest ones.

26 июня, 23:33

CBO Analysis Endangers GOP Health-Care Bill

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The report from the Congressional Budget Office found the proposal would leave 22 million uninsured, seeing little difference in impact from the House-passed American Health Care Act.

26 июня, 23:27

Trump's Limited Travel Ban Victory

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The Supreme Court granted review of the president’s travel ban in October, but the Court clearly hopes—and strongly hints—that the case will be moot by then.

26 июня, 21:49

The Compounded Pain of Contamination and Dislocation

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A month after residents of an East Chicago public housing complex learned they’d been living on dangerously polluted land for decades, they were told they’d have to leave their community.

26 июня, 21:10

A New Penalty for the Uninsured in the GOP Health-Care Bill

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Republicans would lock people out of coverage for six months if they go without insurance under a provision added to the Senate proposal on Monday.

26 июня, 18:59

The Supreme Court Strikes Down a Major Church-State Barrier

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Trinity Lutheran v. Comer finds that governments can’t discriminate against churches that would otherwise qualify for funding just because they’re religious institutions.

26 июня, 18:06

The Supreme Court Partially Unblocked Trump's Travel Ban

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The Supreme Court announced Monday it will review the president’s controversial executive order next term. But in the meantime, the administration can enforce some of its provisions.

26 июня, 15:00

How to Reawaken a Sense of Solidarity in America

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A professor of political philosophy counsels that “it is often possible to recognize and respect the moral integrity of others even when we disagree with them.”

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26 июня, 13:00

Finding Faith in Democracy at Moments of National Conflict

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A scholar of American history argues that unwavering commitment to republican values can turn the nation’s differences into a profound strength.