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11 декабря, 16:45

Top 6 Blogs on Climate Change

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By IMFBlog Actions speak louder than words. The longer we wait to act on climate change, the greater the loss of life and damage to the world economy. Faced with the ongoing existential threat posed by changes to our climate, the United Nations conference known as COP25 is happening in Madrid, Spain.  Policymakers with [...]

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05 декабря, 16:46

Chart of the WeekGlobal Carbon Emissions Are on the Rise Again

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By Christian Bogmans, Akito Matsumoto, and Andrea Pescatori After good progress in the beginning of the decade, global carbon emissions have started to pick up again. This recent trend sets the world on a dangerous path: to slow the pace of climate change, carbon emissions need to be reduced. Our chart of the [...]

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02 декабря, 16:31

The Adaptive Age

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By Kristalina Georgieva

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26 ноября, 19:00

A New Climate Economy

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By Gita Bhatt “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.” The quip, attributed to 19th-century American humorist Mark Twain, might describe the current state of play on climate change. In Twain’s day, it was absurd to suppose humans could do anything about the weather. Today, we understand that we [...]

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25 ноября, 16:31

Central Bank Accountability, Independence, and Transparency

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By Tobias Adrian and Ashraf Khan

21 ноября, 16:30

For Venezuela’s Neighbors, Mass Migration Brings Economic Costs and Benefits

By Emilio Fernandez Corugedo and Jaime Guajardo Español, [...]

18 ноября, 17:12

Chart of the Week Frontier Market Borrowing Binge

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By IMFBlog Español, Português Rock bottom global interest rates [...]

13 ноября, 16:30

All the Way to the Top: Industrial Policy, Innovation, and Sustained Growth

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By Reda Cherif and Fuad Hasanov The odds of poor or middle-income countries achieving the stardom of the “Asian Miracles” within a generation or two, or even three, are small. Between 1960 and 2014, only 16 developing economies worldwide were able to vault into high-income status, and many of those were fortunate enough [...]

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11 ноября, 16:30

Chart of the WeekEurope’s Wage-Price Puzzle

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By Richard Varghese Does higher wage growth fuel inflation? In Europe, that has historically been the case. But the link between wage growth and inflation has weakened in recent years amid low inflation expectations, robust corporate profitability, and strong competitive pressures. The price of labor—namely wages—is rising at a robust pace, especially in the European [...]

07 ноября, 16:34

Chart of the WeekThe Threat of Inequality of Opportunity

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By Shekhar Aiyar and Christian Ebeke There are clashing views on the relationship between income inequality and growth. Some have pointed to at least some measure of inequality as a necessary outcome of the rewards to innovation and risk-taking. Others have argued that excessive income inequality depresses investment in both human and physical [...]

06 ноября, 16:33

A Map of Inequality in Countries

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By William Gbohoui, Raphael Lam, and Victor Lledo Español, Português Social and economic inequality between and within regions in countries is rising in many advanced economies and is now at the forefront of the policy debate because of perceptions that some people and places have been left behind. [...]

30 октября, 15:32

Chart of the week The Global Informal Economy: Large but On The Decline

By Thomas F. Alexander Español The informal economy, which is economic activity that falls outside the regulated economy and tax system, such as street vending or unregistered taxi drivers, is hard to measure. People and companies engaged in the informal economy usually operate on a small scale. This means there are no official statistics on [...]