22 мая, 09:00

Timera take on the Flame gas conference

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The focus of the 2017 Flame conference highlighted several themes that are likely to dominate the evolution of business models, investment and market dynamics.

15 мая, 09:00

Germany’s replacement of baseload capacity with wind

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Germany is rolling out renewable capacity at an impressive rate. But looming closures of thermal and nuclear plant may induce a capacity crunch in the 2020s.

08 мая, 09:00

Impact of the approaching LNG supply wave

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A high and low Asian demand growth scenario illustrate the potential implications of the evolving supply glut on LNG market supply & demand & pricing dynamics.

10 апреля, 09:00

Market access contracts: 5 success factors

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Market access contracts can be a powerful way for owners to reduce overheads and enhance asset returns. But there are a number of challenges to watch out for.

03 апреля, 09:00

How higher coal prices support gas hub prices

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Higher coal prices are acting to support European gas hub prices via driving the switching of gas for coal plants in Europe’s power markets.

02 апреля, 09:00

The UK gas market without Rough

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An extended injection outage means the large Rough storage facility is effectively crippled until at least next spring. Time to confront a market without Rough.

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02 апреля, 09:00

A wild winter in European power markets

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Last winter’s events are an interesting case study in the differences between pricing dynamics in the French and German power markets.

27 марта, 09:00

Evolving trends in LNG contracting

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The supply glut and evolution of LNG market players are combining to change the way LNG is being contracted. Negotiating power has shifted to the LNG buyers.

20 марта, 09:00

Power sector switching, gas hub prices & volatility

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The recent recovery in European gas demand is being driven by the switching of CCGTs for coal plants. This is also supporting hub price levels & gas volatility.

13 марта, 09:00

US export flows, the supply glut and Europe

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US export volumes are ramping up and cargo destinations provide a first indication of flow patterns. But dynamics are set to change as export volumes rise.

06 марта, 09:00

Contracting for market access via a 3rd party

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A growing number of asset owners are outsourcing market access and commercial capabilities to 3rd party providers. But there are several pitfalls to navigate.

27 февраля, 09:00

Relative pricing dynamics driving European gas hubs

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Relative gas, oil & coal price dynamics have driven the evolution of the European gas market over the last year, e.g. contract prices & power sector gas demand.