19 марта, 09:00

NW Europe’s flexible capacity crunch

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NW European power markets may lose 70GW of dispatchable flexible power plants by 2025. This structural tightening is set to impact wholesale prices.

12 марта, 09:00

Will LNG bunkering transform the LNG market?

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New emissions standards are driving strong growth in demand for LNG as a shipping fuel. But could this be transformational for global demand?

05 марта, 09:00

Gas market explodes into action

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The NW European gas market exploded higher last week. The market responded well but a re-pricing of portfolio tail risk & supply flex will follow.

26 февраля, 09:00

Deconstructing LNG shipping costs

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We show a breakdown of shipping cost components, look at current benchmarks & consider their impact on regional LNG price spreads.

19 февраля, 09:00

Implications of UK capacity auction results

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An 8 £/kW capacity price has major implications for the UK capacity mix, pricing dynamics and asset investment decisions.

12 февраля, 09:00

Interpreting TTF implied volatility

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The implied volatility of TTF options provides an insight into the evolution of gas price behaviour and risk.

05 февраля, 09:00

Capturing UK gas peaker margin

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Gas engines are dominating UK capacity build. But a merchant business model means understanding & quantifying the practicalities of margin capture is key.

29 января, 09:00

USD points to higher commodity prices

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The USD is an excellent barometer for commodity price strength and it’s pointing to a continuing uptrend in 2018. Economic data supports the case.

22 января, 09:00

Hub pricing is already winning in Asia

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The barriers to hub price penetration in the Asian LNG market are crumbling as trading liquidity & shorter term contracting grow.

15 января, 09:00

UK capacity auctions set up stack transition

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The two capacity auctions in Q1 will change the structure of the UK supply stack, peak pricing dynamics and margin capture for flexible assets.

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08 января, 09:00

5 energy market surprises for 2018

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5 surprises for 2018. Watch out for Chinese LNG demand, blockchain, global hub price penetration, battery & engine headwinds and a fund transaction spree.

11 декабря 2017, 09:00

Major energy surprises of 2017

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We do a status check on the 5 potential 2017 surprises we set out in January. Then we look at 3 observed surprises this year that have caught our attention.