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24 апреля, 04:03

How Often You Should Clean Your Sheets (and 14 Other Household Items)

Do you know how often you really need to clean your sheets? We have the answer to that, along with 14 other household items.

24 апреля, 02:07

Melania Trump’s 1 Special White House Project, and How It Compares to Other First Ladies

Each first lady from before Jackie Kennedy to Melania Trump has supported specific causes while in the White House. Here’s what they each were.

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24 апреля, 01:38

Here’s What Kellyanne Conway Really Does All Day in the Trump White House

Kellyanne Conway is an important member of Trump's team, but do you know what she does all day?

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24 апреля, 01:36

10 Exercises That Will Take Inches From Your Waistline

Looking to make some serious reductions to the inches on your waistline, and ultimately lose weight? These exercises will get you started.

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24 апреля, 01:21

The 1 Thing Barack Obama Got Melania Trump To Do That Donald Trump Couldn’t

Former president Barack Obama is seen sharing a tender moment with Melania Trump. Melania is often photographed with Donald Trump looking stern or unhappy.

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24 апреля, 01:14

The States Where the Most People Get Diagnosed With Lung Cancer

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If you live in 1 of these states, the risk of being diagnosed with lung cancer is real.

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24 апреля, 00:52

The 1 Worst TV Show From Every Major Network and Streaming Service

Every network has one TV show that's so bad, we can't believe it even made it on air.

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24 апреля, 00:06

These Instagram Photos Prove Beyonce Is Still Hot As Ever After Babies

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Beyonce's banging post baby bod is on display at Coachella. Slay girl, slay.

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23 апреля, 23:36

This Is What Kate Middleton and Prince William Will Do With All Of Those Royal Baby Gifts

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Royal baby number three is getting showered with a ton of gifts. This is what Duchess Kate Middleton and Prince William will do with all of those presents.

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23 апреля, 22:39

John McCain’s Daughter Posted These Photos on Instagram That Have Us Concerned for His Health

John McCain's brain cancer diagnosis seems grim. And his daughter is posting heartfelt photos on Instagram that have us weeping.

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23 апреля, 22:22

Everything John Cena and Nikki Bella Have Said About Their Breakup

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This is what John Cena and Nikki Bella have said about their surprising breakup.

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23 апреля, 22:17

The Top Godparent Contenders for the Royal Baby (Plus, the 1 Family Member Who Definitely Won’t Get the Royal Duty)

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Here is who the new royal baby's godparents may be -- and who is definitely out of the running.