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20 сентября, 01:25

Netanyahu, at General Assembly, denounces ‘absurdities,’ anti-Semitism in UN decisions

Citing “a great revolution in Israel’s standing” in the world, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today denounced the “absurdities” and “global ant-Semitism” in United Nations decisions on Israel and warned Iran of the “mortal peril” it faced in threatening to annihilate his country.

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20 сентября, 01:08

French initiative to create global environment pact deserves support, says Secretary-General

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres today urged global support for France’s initiative to create the first international legally binding document on the environment, at an event held on the margins of the annual leaders’ summit of the General Assembly.

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20 сентября, 00:57

UN chief renews call to address grievances of Rohingya fleeing violence in Myanmar

Over 400,000 Rohingya to have sought refuge in Bangladesh following recent violence in Myanmar. As the UN ramped up aid to the displaced, Secretary-General António Guterres re-emphasized the need to tackle the root causes of the crisis. Read more on UN News: http://bit.ly/2xfeuSV

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20 сентября, 00:47

World must unite in fight against terrorism, Qatar urges leaders at UN Assembly

Underscoring that extremism and terrorism remain the most serious challenges confronting the world, the Amir of Qatar called on leaders to take concerted action against terrorist organizations and their extremist ideologies to maintain global security and stability.

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20 сентября, 00:47

UN chief hails transformative power of women’s economic empowerment

Extoling the benefits of women’s economic empowerment, both for economies as well as societies as a whole, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres today encouraged governments, the private sector, multilateral institutions and others to take measures to achieve the full and equal participation of women in the economy.

20 сентября, 00:44

Remarks by President Trump and Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani Before Bilateral Meeting

Lotte New York Palace Hotel New York, New York 4:06 P.M. EDT   PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Well, thank you very much.  It's my great honor to be with the Emir of Qatar.  And we've been friends a long time; people don't realize that.  We know each other for a long time.   And we are right now in a situation where we’re trying to solve a problem in the Middle East, and I think we'll get it solved.  I have a very strong feeling that it will be solved pretty quickly.     But we're talking, also, trade and many other things.  And we've had a tremendous relationship for the last short period of time, especially since our meeting in Saudi Arabia, which I think was an epic and very important -- really a very historic meeting.  And now we want to make the most of it by getting things settled.  But we also want to continue trade and many other things.   So we look forward to our meetings and our individual meetings, and -- for many years to come.     EMIR AL THANI:  Thank you very much.  Well, Mr. President, thank you very much for seeing me.  I'm very happy to be with you here.     And as you mentioned, the relationship between the United States of America and Qatar is a very strong relationship, a historic relationship.  And since we met in Riyadh, which was, as you said, a very, very important meeting, and we signed those agreements -- we were the first country to respond to this agreement, and we signed this MOU of counterterrorism.     So we really appreciate this relationship, Mr. President.  We have a lot to talk about -- trade, military cooperation, security cooperation.     So thank you very much.  And as you said, Mr. President, we have a problem with our neighbors, and your interference will help a lot.  And I'm sure that, with your interference, hopefully we can find a solution for this problem.  We've always said that we're very open for dialogue, and we'll always be open for dialogue.   PRESIDENT TRUMP:  We will get it solved.  Thank you very much everybody.  Thank you.  Thank you.   END   4:08 P.M. EDT  

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At UN Assembly, Turkey calls on world to fulfil aid pledges for hosting Syrian refugees

Stressing that his country has spent over $30 billion to care for more than three million Syrians and 200,000 Iraqis fleeing war in their own homelands, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan took to the podium of the United Nations General Assembly today to call on the world to fulfil its pledges of aid to conflict torn countries.

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20 сентября, 00:30

Propelling Progress on Paris Agreement

United Nations - UN is building coalitions with leaders from government, business, and communities to accelerate progress on climate action to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement and keep global temperature rise to well below 2 degrees. Progress is being made but much more is needed. It’s a race against time, but we can succeed.

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@UN Today - 9/18

Secretary-General Guterres discussed UN reforms with President Trump. Here's what happened @UN Today. More at http://www.un.org/news/ #UNGA

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20 сентября, 00:23

The Holy See warns against ‘judging, fearing and rejecting’ migrants and refugees

Michael Czerny, from the Migrant and Refugee Section of the Holy See, talks to UN News about the harmony that exists between the Organization’s Together Campaign and the “culture of encounter” promoted by Pope Francis.

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20 сентября, 00:22

Aung San Suu Kyi’s Major Speech on Rakhine State

In a major address to the Myanmar public, and the international community today, Aung San Suu Kyi