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DigitalGlobe's Satellite Imagery Analysis Of Fukushima

As actual (not to mention credible) news out of Fukushima and Japan slow to a trickle, potentially due to the recent imposition of Article 15 by the Japanese government (an emergency regulatory clause that allows the senior levels of the Japanese government to stop other Japanese government agencies from communicating with the public and news media) which bans nuclear regulatory and protection agencies, from issuing any statements about the nuclear crisis situation in Japan, the only objective information may soon be flyby analysis by third party satellite companies which do not have skin in the game. Below we present the most recent analysis conducted by imaging company Digitalglobe on the destruction in Fukushima. We hope to be able to update with it with photos showing the explosion/fire at Reactors 2 and 4, as well as get a status update on reactors 5 and 6 which according to recent reports are now also losing cooling capacity (and at least this is far more useful than using satellite imagery to count cars at your local CostCo to gain a trading advantage over your grandma)


h/t Louise