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Until last summer, I thought Charlie Munger was just a quirky old American business sage in the tradition of his hypocritical boss Uncle Warren. Then he made the infamous "suck it in an cope" quote and I decided he is just another quirky old crony American douche bag waiting for his comeuppance, just like Uncle Warren.

Well his comeuppance could very well be on its way, because Uncle Warren's golden boy Davy Sokol is now saying that he only did the same thing that good ol' Charlie did when they invested in the Chinese battery maker BYD. Looks like skivvy laundering time may be coming soon at the Injunction. 




I am sure the good old boys at Berkshire Hathaway are going to get a big slapping around by the media/blogosphere. But I rather doubt anyone will wind up in Martha Stewart's Big House even though these good old codgers are supposed to know much much more about the technical rules prohibiting executive front running and ahem, "insider trading."

But never mind all of that. Today I was reminded what a douche bag good old Charlie really is by NYT's Dealbook. In response to all the fuss about Sokol's lapse of ethical judgement, Charlie apparently said:

"Few people understand  how good he is, how really good he is...He is like a guy on a baseball team that could play six of the nine positions."

Well I guess that means everything is a.o.k! That explains it all. If you can play 6 of the 9 positions, you can do no wrong. That could well be the mantra of American Ivy League Inc.

 Bull Shit Charlie!

Here is what a real American sage had to say:

"There are some people who, if they don't already know, you can't tell 'em."

Yogi Berra

"Suck it in you old dope."