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Syrian crackdown underscores new vulnerability for Assad regime, officials say

A renewed police assault on the key Syrian city of Hama this week has exposed deep cracks in the government of President Bashar al-Assad, according to U.S. officials who say the regime is struggling to contain protests in multiple cities while simultaneously grappling with a rapid fall-off in allies, resources and cash.

After abandoning Hama for nearly three weeks, security forces made a hasty return to the country’s fourth-largest city early Monday to clamp down on protests that were drawing the largest crowds seen since the start of the uprising nearly four months ago. But while opposition leaders decried yet another round of arrests and shootings, U.S. officials said the events underscored a growing disarray within the Syrian government, which just weeks earlier had been forced to withdraw troops from Hama and other cities to deal with unrest in towns along the Syrian border with Turkey.

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