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8 Stocks That Could Plunge From Lofty Levels, As Netflix Did

By Rougemont:

If you own a stock like Chipotle (CMG), you can correctly say that bears and shorts have been wrong on this stock for a long time. But that is just what Netflix (NFLX) longs used to say as well. Momentum stocks are like playing a game of musical chairs, it can fun and profitable for everyone who plays until the music stops, as it just recently did for Netflix longs. Greed kept many Netflix shareholders from selling their stock even though they were clearly offered extremely rich valuation levels to sell at, for a very long time.

This pattern looks to be similar in a number of stocks currently and yet longs still want more and more. The other problem I have with the stocks listed below is that they are not undiscovered stocks by any means, and at current valuation levels, investors would be foolish to think these stocks

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