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Rajat Gupta: Another trial

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Rajat Gupta


American regulators charge another bigwig with insider trading

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No Davos invite this year

No Davos invite this year

RAJAT GUPTA is one of the American elite. He has sat on the boards of Goldman Sachs and Procter & Gamble. For years he led McKinsey, a global consultancy. In 2005, when Kofi Annan was secretary-general of the United Nations, he made Mr Gupta his “special adviser for management reform”.
His connections have now landed him in trouble. Raj Rajaratnam, a hedge-fund manager and friend to whom Mr Gupta allegedly passed confidential information, was sentenced on October 13th to 11 years in jail, the longest insider-trading sentence ever doled out in America. Now Mr Gupta faces the possibility of time in jail. On October 26th he was charged with five counts of securities fraud and one count of conspiracy. Mr Gupta denies any wrongdoing.

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