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The Case For An Apple Dividend

By Stanley J G Crouch:

Any article on Apple (AAPL) is sure to evoke a strong reaction. I suspect that this one will as well. My reason for writing it is simple. I am strongly advocating the idea that Apple's Board and senior management declare the company's first dividend and commit to a permanent quarterly distribution of a reasonable portion of its cash-flow to its owners, the shareholders.

I am far from the first to take this position and there is a better-than-even chance that Apple will ignore this request, as they have others. Many shareholders will also be unsupportive of this notion. But I cannot help myself. I am an income investor. I do not own Apple but I would like to. I will stick with my discipline as I have done for years.

Despite some concerns I have about Apple, along with general concerns about a lot of things these days, I believe

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