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4 Dividend Monsters To Buy, 1 To Avoid

By Insider Monkey:

Interest rates are ridiculously low. Long-term Treasuries aren’t alternatives for serious long-term conservative investors. The investment community is in search of quality dividend yield. In this low interest rate environment, investors have a great appetite for investing in companies with solid balance sheets and consistent dividend payout ratios.

For the same reason, we have shortlisted stocks that have high current as well as forecast dividend yield, a good payout ratio with evidence of consistent dividend payments and a healthy balance sheet. We believe these should be given overweight positions in ones portfolio.

Annaly Capital Managemen (NLY) is the largest listed mortgage REIT. Since going public in 1997, Annaly has paid 57 consecutive quarterly dividends, totaling $24.85. Annaly is one the few finance companies emerging from the financial crisis with an unchanged business model. The management has a proven record for timing the markets, raising and lowering the company’s risk profile

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