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R.I.P., Joe Pa

Against the sad backdrop of coach Joe Paterno's death on Sunday, one can't help but suspect that, under the banner of "child protection," the media, self-serving Penn State Trustees, and other impulsive accusers -- a few of whom showcased their imbalanced vitriol in both Nick DiNunzio's original post about Paterno and in my subsequent post about Sandusky, Paterno and the Presumption of Innocence - quickened his passing after Paterno was diagnosed with cancer in November, 2011. So fulsome is their schadenfreude, many of these self-anointed stone-throwers celebrated his expiration. The crude, insensitive comments at the end of this NBC Sports article suggest as much.

As the legendary football coach is now gone (no doubt as much from "heartbreak" as from the lung cancer that technically killed him), it's important to grasp the totality of his life and work beyond the immediate taint of scandal that marred his last few months in Happy Valley.