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White House renews #40dollars campaign

The White House is reviving a campaign designed to pressure Congress into again extending a payroll tax cut that would affect up to 160 million Americans, with a social media campaign and an event at the White House Tuesday.

The Obama administration is again asking voters what $40 per paycheck means to them personally — a campaign that they first unveiled in December to pressure House Republicans into passing the tax cut extension. Supporters are invited to tweet using the hashtag #40dollars, or submit their stories on Facebook or whitehouse.gov. Obama will also speak on the issue today, appearing with a group of citizens at the White House.

"Once again I need you. We all need you to speak out," President Obama tells supporters in a new online video. "Because if Congress fails to act soon then taxes on the middle class will go up." 

The December campaign was ultimately successful in getting a payroll tax cut extension passed, but only through February. With the tax cut due to expire, the White House is renewing the pressure on Congress to act. The campaign, as in December, is designed to force a tough choice on the Republicans. Many House GOPers oppose the tax cut as a matter of policy and are wary of handing the president a political win but don't want to risk a populist backlash if taxes go up on a majority of Americans.

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