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Apple: Taking Some Profits Without Selling Your Shares Just Yet

By Robert Weinstein:

It feels good to be the king. Who could possibly blame someone who bought Apple (AAPL) ____ (insert any date you wish here) for feeling like they are king or queen of the world. Clearly you are smarter than the person who sold you the shares, there can be no question about it. It's one of the human emotions that really have no equal, the euphoric feeling of money and wealth piling up endless for no more reason than you figured out how to open the golden treasure chest.

As a full time trader who has been around the block a few times I see and hear investors of all types endlessly talk about Apple and why this or why that will either make it move higher or send it down on an iDump in price. For most traders and investors and especially newer (they don't have to be younger)

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