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An Opportunity To Pick Up This 6% Yielder On The Cheap

By Bret Jensen:

The oil company Total (TOT) has not had a good week. The company was forced to shut down its North Sea Elgin platform following the news that it had not been able to plug a persistent gas leak. The company now must decide to take six months to drill a relief well or to send down engineers to "kill" the leak, which is a solution that is much faster, but much more risky. The stock has lost more than 8% of its market value since this event, but I believe this represents a great opportunity to purchase this high yielding oil major at a discounted price. Key Facts

  • Although the market took out its wrath on Total's stock, this is not like the BP Plc. (BP) spill. It is a gas leak, not an oil spill. It is a much smaller release by orders or magnitude than that tragedy, no

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