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Dicker: Obama 'inarticulate' off teleprompter

Fred Dicker, New York Post columnist and dean of the Albany press corps, had some harsh words for the President today.

"He's a very good campaigner, although it's interesting how bad an extemporaneous speaker he is," Dicker said of Obama during his morning radio show, "Live from the State Capitol." "I think people have come to realize that he's very good reading from a prompter. People joke about that. But when he's off the prompter, he often is surprisingly inarticulate."

For those outside of New York's political circles, Dicker is the so-called "undisputed king" of the State Capitol press corps, and the man who has near-exclusive access to on-the-record interviews with Governor Andrew Cuomo.

(h/t Azi Paybarah)

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