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The Communities of Sant’Egidio for Dialogue among Faiths and Cultures

Alberto Quattrucci

A Paper by Alberto Quattrucci, Secretary General, International Meetings Peoples and Religions, Community of Sant’Egidio, presented for Eighth Rhodes Forum Session, October 2010

And dialogue changes the hearts and minds of people. I am convinced that only by changing hearts and minds we can change the world: even the most resistant political structures can be changed, if we change hearts and the minds. The opposite is never true: transformed structures cannot change the hearts, but transformed hearts change the structures. This is the great power of religions. But pay attention: religions are strong only when they are free. They have power when they are not the slaves of politics and economic powers. In fact they can use politics and economics to change the world, but Religions and Cultures can be used neither by politics or economics: in this case they lose their power and betray their own nature.