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Stay Away from This Weak Sector

There has been one major market sector that has been lagging the Spyder Trust (SPY) all year and MoneyShow’s Tom Aspray explains why he thinks it is still a sector that investors should avoid. The stock market staged an impressive rally in response to comments from the European Central Bank’s Mario Draghi, but the negative divergences that formed last week have not been overcome. It would take several more equally strong days to reverse the technical deterioration. So far this year, the Spyder Trust (SPY) is up over 8%, and despite the earnings shocks for the tech stocks this week, the Select Spyder SPDR Technology (XLK) is still up over 12%. One economically sensitive sector that has continued to lag the market has been the Select Spyder SPDR Materials (XLB), which is up just 2.9% for the year. For those who believe that this sector has to turn around in order to signal an economic recovery, the technical action is not encouraging, as it suggests that buyers should be patient and stay out for now.