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Would You Pay $315 For The New LeBron X Basketball Sneaker?

Nike’s next big product launch is the new LeBron X basketball sneaker. Cash registers and computers around the world will ring in the LeBron sneakers at $315. Would you pay $315 for a pair of sneakers? Prices of athletic wear from brands such Nike, Addidas, Lululemon, and Giro, whether purchased and worn for athletic purposes, fashion, or celebrity cache, have been consistently escalating over time. A pair of yoga, running, or biking pants from Lululemon costs from $92 to $298 (for the Pedal Power Blazer). Last weekend, I went to buy a new biking helmet at SIDS in New YorkCity, only to find out that the best fitting protective headgear and also my favorite style would require me to dole out about $300. Though I did not buy the most expensive helmet (which I wanted), I did purchase the next price down (slightly over $200). When it comes to athletic gear, even though I usually don’t go for the gold, I get close to it, and am astonished by how much I have to pay to get both quality and style.