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NATO invade to Libya under false flag again

Libyan sources told:
The military exercises were in secrecy in Libya, have been seen by the workers oil companies Jamahiriya and some nomads, where the four European countries allocate about 2000 element of its own forces to take part in the exercises in the framework of the project military for rapid intervention in the Sahel, through the special forces being prepared several months ago, and aims to eliminate the leaders of al Qaeda and the Tawhid and Jihad, or interfere with the release of hostages in the region

And involved 800 soldiers from the Special Forces French, British, Italian and Spanish
In a combat exercise was carried out in different areas Balharog In Hamada divine, central and south-eastern Libya, the theme simulate the intervention process and airdrops in the Sahel region .. And participated in training exercises drones and attack helicopters and carts transported to an airstrip near the city of Libyan Zewela. ( Zawilah, south of Libya, 70 km от Sabha to East). map - http://www.istanbul-city-guide.com/map/libya/libya-map-world.gif

South of Libya is area of Green Resistance, area of Al-Qaeda in the north of Libya – cities Benghazi and Derna.
The legend created by NATO that tells about their war against Al-Qaeda in Libya is a lie.
NATO supports Al-Qaeda with weapons and intelligence data for the war with Sirya. There was the same during the war with Libya. And now NATO instructors teach Al-Qaeda members new methods of executions and tortures. Al-Qaeda is created by NATO and still under it's control. Now gangs from nearby countries (such as Egypt or Tunisia) and groups of traitors simply can't control growing resistance of libyan citizens. Small squads from NATO countries and their allies are busy creating concentration camps and guarding oil ports network and can't fight against libyan people.So ruling junta is needed additional NATO forcec (more than 2000 soldiers).
As it was in Afganistan and Iraq these soldiers will work as punitive squads against people who still want to live free as it was before.
Photos and videos of crimes committed NATO troops in those countries can illustrate what awaits Libyans:

Rape And Sex Abuse In Iraq Jails

US Soldier who killed and raped a 14 year old Iraqi Girl

Mass-rape of women & children by American soldiers

"US heroism" or "US terrorism?" Afghanistan 2011

GRAPHIC: 'Kill Team' Murdered Civilians In Afghanistan

US and British soldiers beating Iraqi children

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American Soldiers having fun Killing Civilians in Iraq

I tried to find same about Afganistan, because same bastards from USNATO are there, but didn't find anything video in Youtube. I sure that after few years then troops of USNATO leave Aaganistan, we got same evidences about warcrimes of these subhumans from West. Now youtube deleted all because NATO criminals still in Afganistan and they "have right" to continue their crimes without liability.

I found articles:

NATO troops already commited crimes in Libya, Walter Fauntroy sow warcrimes of French and Danish troops in one of area of Libya, but in another areas same warcrimes commited troops of others countries of NATO.

True smile of US NATO watching from this photo