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The Real 'Better Advice For Seniors'

By Five Plus Investor:

An article was published by SA contributor Steven Bauer on June 29th which proposed in its title that the author had "better advice" for seniors. The article stirred up quite a hornet's nest, both on the subject matter and in regards to the author's motivation for publishing the article. His last article with Seeking Alpha was July 3rd, four days after the article in question was published.

Regardless of whether or not you believe the allegations leveled against him in the comment section, the author laid out a premise that stirred up a lively discussion and which bears further exploration. The author's proposal was:

There is a "better" way to invest with dividend stocks for senior retirees, and that is not to hold dividend stocks, but to trade them based on market or stock direction.

This premise begs some very important questions before any senior retiree attempts to follow through

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