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Utah GOP deploying to Nevada for Romney

Utah may be the least competitive state in the country in the presidential election -- even without Romney's strong connection to the LDS community, it's just a very conservative place. But the Utah Republican Party is still finding a way to pitch in for the Romney cause: in an email to supporters today, the party announced it would start busing supporters down to Nevada to help work for the GOP ticket.

From the email:

Starting this weekend, we will be busing volunteers down to Las Vegas to help with the Romney Victory efforts. All expenses will be paid, and you will have the chance to experience the excitement of campaigning in a battleground state! ...

You will have the opportunity to canvass neighborhoods with fellow volunteers and make calls from one of the Romney Victory offices in Las Vegas. With an election this close, face-to-face contact with voters will make the difference in these swing states!

On Sunday, transportation to church services will be provided for those who with to attend. After a stop back at the Romney Victory office, the bus will leave to return to Salt Lake and Provo at 2:00 pm.

It's not unusual for parties in non-competitive states to do this, sending volunteers from Massachusetts into New Hampshire or from South Carolina into North Carolina. Romney has an especially powerful tie to Utah and the enthusiasm for his candidacy among Mormons has been an asset to his fundraising and field efforts from the start.

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