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Biden hits back on Libya question

After Paul Ryan gave his answer on the issue of Libya, hitting the Obama adminstration for a lack of "leadership," Joe Biden hit back, and strongly.

"With all due respect, that's a bunch of malarkey," Biden said. "Because not a single thing he's said has been accurate."

He was responding to Ryan's criticism of the way Obama's administration handled the crisis by initially blaming the YouTube video, and said there should have been better security at the embassy. He added that the situation is "becoming more troubling by the day."

"This Benghazi attack would be a tragedy in and of itself, but unfortunately it's indicative of a larger problem," Ryan said, adding that Obama's policy toward the Middle East is "making the world more chaotic and us less safe."

Biden said Republicans are the ones who would cut embassy funding "$300 million below w hat we asked for." "So much for embassy security," he said.

He also hit the GOP ticket on its too-quick response to the Libya crisis back on Sept. 11.

"Gov. Romney, before he knew the facts, before he even knew our ambassador was killed, he was out making a statement that was panned by media around the world," he said.

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