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Betty Ford: Homespun Christmas

The Ford’s family traditions were based on creativity, love and above all - thriftiness. Mrs. Ford had her family’s approach in mind when she chose “Patchwork Christmas” as the theme for 1974. Pastel blue calico fabric bows, tiny mirrors, wood animals, and calico quilted animal ornaments decorated the tree. In 1975, a “Children’s Christmas” was sponsored by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and the Abby Aldrich Folk Art Museum. The trees and house were decorated with antique toys and American crafts made from simple materials such as yarn and straw. For Christmas 1976, the year of the nation’s Bicentennial, Mrs. Ford chose “America is Love” for the theme. Big red velvet bows, handmade flowers made from a variety of materials and Bicentennial dolls decorated the House. (Photos courtesy of the Gerald R. Ford Library)