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Inauguration 2013: #logjam prevention

The congressional inaugural committee announced Wednesday that it is upgrading crowd-control efforts for January's swearing-in ceremony.

Aside from better signage, more metal detectors and more personnel to direct attendees, the Joint Congressional Inaugural Committee will be logged in to Twitter.

"[F]or the first time ever, JCCIC will have dedicated staff monitoring tweets and other social media outlets," the committee said. "If the monitors detect a large number of tweets regarding a log-jam or slow-moving lines in a certain area, officials will be directed to the area of concern to address the issue in real time."

In 2009, many inauguration-goers got stuck in hourslong lines and hundreds got stuck in the 3d Street Tunnel - or "purple tunnel of doom," as it came to be called. That tunnel will be closed to pedestrians this time.

"At our very first meeting, the members of the Joint Congressional Committee and I decided that we had to make crowd management a top priority for the upcoming ceremonies," committee chairman Sen. Chuck Schumer said in a statement.

"For many months, we've been developing a plan that will keep ticket lines moving and ensure that everyone who comes to Washington, DC to celebrate democracy enjoys their experience. I'm hopeful that our plan will solve the issues that plagued past ceremonies, and will contribute to a smooth day on January 21st."

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