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Obama: 'Peel off partisan war paint'

Over on the home page, POLITICO's Jake Sherman and Carrie Budoff Brown have the latest on public posturing in fiscal cliff talks:

Amid signs that negotiations are stalled, President Barack Obama said Wednesday that it is "puzzling" that House Speaker John Boehner hasn't accepted his latest fiscal cliff offer, saying what separates them is a few hundred billion dollars in spending cuts. ...Obama, at turns conciliatory and confrontational, invoked the shooting in Connecticut and Hurricane Sandy to argue that "the country deserves folks to be willing to compromise on behalf of the greater good."

"If this past week has done anything, it should just give us some perspective," Obama said. "If you just pull back from the immediate, you know, political battles, if you kind of peel off the partisan war paint, then we should be able to get something done."

Full story here.

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