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Outlook For 3 Different Tech Rallies

ByAng Nguyen:

A rally is something that is easily identifiable. A stock can rally at any point: It can trade higher after a long-period of trading with loss, it can bounce higher after trading flat, or it can simply continue to rally over a course of many years showing no signs of slowing down. In this article I am looking at three such examples, and trying to determine if and when any of these rallies will end.

Google: A Flat Stock No More

Google (GOOG) should not necessarily be a surprise as a tech stock that has rallied, but after five years of trading flat there are a lot of people who are optimistic regarding the company's future. Google had broken free of its range in the three months that followed July with a 30% gain. However, after a very disappointing quarter, the stock then fell 15% in six

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