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With Apple, What A Difference A Week Makes

By TechCrunch:

By MG Siegler

You know the drill, Apple (AAPL) posts a record $54.5 billion in revenue…

…and the stock tanks 10 percent in after-hours trading.

I mean. Fifty four and a half billion dollars. I went ahead and did the math: that’s an annual run-rate of $218 billion dollars (yes, I know Q1 is the holiday quarter, so it tends to be much larger than the others — but don’t underestimate the possibility of a new iPhone earlier in the year pushing Apple towards the $200 billion mark). Apple generated more revenue in one quarter than Google (GOOG) did in all of 2012. Hell, Apple is getting close to generating as much revenue in one quarter as Microsoft (MSFT) does in an entire year.

Perhaps even more incredible is that Apple made over a billion dollars in profit a week for the first time ever. Profit

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