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Citigroup Just Blew It

ByJosh Arnold:

Citigroup (C) passed the Federal Reserve's stress test with flying colors, as the results that were released last week clearly show. Citi was the best capitalized of the too-big-to-fail institutions, with a minimum Tier 1 common ratio of 8.3% under simulated adverse conditions. This is terrific news for the bank and as a result, Citi shares traded up nearly 4% on Friday. The second part of the Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review is the release, this Thursday, of the Federal Reserve's approval or disapproval of the 19 bank holding companies' capital plans. Curiously, Citi released its capital distribution plan for 2013 just after the stress test results were made public.

While it turns out that the Fed authorized the early release of what Citi requested, it seems odd that the company would try so hard to be the first to release its capital distribution plans for 2013. You would

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