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Which Type Of REIT ETF Is Right For You?

U.S. stocks have rebounded with full force since the housing market crisis simmered, with major equity indexes sitting at, or nearing, all-time highs. While many on Wall Street have undeniably enjoyed stellar returns since the bottom in 2009, the ultra-low interest rate environment at home and around the globe continues to pose a major challenge for income-seeking investors of all types [see 101 High Yielding ETFs For Every Dividend Investor]. As a result, dividend-paying securities have become very appealing, as meaningful current income has been hard to come by amid the loose monetary policies implemented by major central banks. One particular corner of the market that has rebounded with great vigor  and also offers a lucrative opportunity to generate yield happens to be one of the culprits behind the last economic downturn: real estate. More specifically, REITs have surged in popularity among income-hungry investors as they hold a special place in every dividend investors’ heart; these securities must pay [...]

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