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WATCH: Anti-Keystone Ad Calls Pipeline 'All Risk, No Reward'

A powerful new anti-Keystone XL ad hit the airwaves last week, urging viewers to let President Obama and Secretary Kerry know that “the Keystone XL is a bad deal.”

The spot was released by the “All Risk, No Reward” Coalition, a group which includes the League of Conservation Voters Education Fund, League of Women Voters, Keystone XL Truthforce, STOP Tarsands, and Nebraska Farmers Union, to name a few.

The message of the ad suggests the inevitability of an oil spill and the fact that “Keystone XL doesn’t go to the U.S.-- it goes through the U.S.” According to a press release, the original Keystone pipeline had 12 spills in the first year, and more than 30 spills overall. These incidents occurred despite TransCanada’s CEO's initial promise that the pipeline would “meet or exceed world-class safety and environmental standards.”

“America can’t afford another tar sands spill, and we certainly can’t afford Keystone XL,” Coalition Chair Randy Thompson said in the release. “TransCanada’s safety record alone is reason to reject the pipeline—and the fact that the U.S. gets no tangible benefit from the pipeline should make the decision even easier for President Obama and Secretary Kerry.”