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The Week That Was: April 15th-19th 2013

Succinctly summarizing the positive and negative news, data, and market events of the week...


  1. Gold selling off hard - Investors no longer worried about inflation is the meme (What Happened Last Time We Saw This?)
  2. March housing starts surge (But What's Beneath the Headline)
  3. Gas prices & CPI Drop in March
  4. Obama prepares for 'Stability Operations' in Syria -- Uber bullish during recessions
  5. Initial Claims Don't Miss By Much
  6. Beige Book wasn't terrible
  7. Lagarde is "Deliberately, Decisively, Desperately Optimistic", So there's that
  8. First Boston Bomber found and killed – Chechen origin perhaps seen by market as evidence not a systemic terrorist threat
  9. G-20 Communique confirms Japan can continue with its devaluation


  1. Philly Fed Mfg Index Misses Big (Predictably, we're told to ignore it)
  2. Alas, Empire Mfg Index Also Disappoints
  3. Homebuilder confidence plunges
  4. Housing Starts plunge
  5. Gold drops most in 30 years
  6. File under: ‘Recovery’-- US households on foodstamps Hit Record High
  7. Hindenburg Omen Reappears
  8. Our 'Recovery' file is getting full: IMF Slashes World Growth Expectations
  9. 10Yr Treasury Yields at 2013 Lows
  10. Apple tests new 'Generational Lows'
  11. US Mint Selling Gold Before it Hits $0
  12. IMF Slashes World Growth forecast
  13. IMF Warns On Spanish Debt Load (Insert Obligatory Reinhart & Rogoff Excel Error Rebuttal)
  14. IBM misses both top & bottom line
  15. Earnings are a total disaster
  16. Fitch downgrades UK to AA+ from AAA
  17. Worst week in macro data for 11 weeks



(h/t @ZH_Crown)