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Where's the Feminist Self-Improvement Counterpart?

Victor Pride

caught a lot of flak from feminists a while ago for his 30 Days of Discipline, some of the rules of which were unconventional.  But criticize his techniques as you might, the fact still remained that Victor wrote a manual with the intention of self-improvement.
A couple months back I entered a "Forced Discipline and Regimen Month."  The goal of this was also self improvement.  To force myself to do this I put up before and after pictures.  I received some guff about "cheese cake photos" and my blinding pasteyness, but again, the overall intention was self-improvement.
And while the two examples above focus on physic fitness and health, if you step back and cast a wider net, you'll realize The Manosphere, as well as various economics blogs, follow a similar parallel.  Namely one of self-improvement.  Men trying to improve their chances with women.  Men trying to advance their careers and financial success.  Men (and women) trying to start businesses. And men and women trying to aim for happier, better lives.  They are constantly asking "what can I do to improve myself."
I have a simple question.
Where is the feminist equivalent of this?
If I were to generalize the two spheres (feminism and Manosphere) it seems very obvious The Manosphere is focused on self-improvement and improving one's self while the feminist sphere is one of whining, complaining, bitching, victimization and entitlement.  I say this not out of spite or agenda, but because it's true.
The Manosphere, for the most part, is an entity of advancement, progress and self-improvement while feminism is one of complaint, victimhood, and class warfare.
If you don't believe me, just take some sample "themes" from both spheres.
How many feminist blogs/sites write constantly about physical fitness and health?  And I'm not talking about "how to eat green/organic" (the purpose of such articles being ulteriorly political, not health), but "how can I lose weight?" or "how can I be sexier to the opposite sex?"
None or very little.
Contrast that to The Manosphere where nearly I'd say 1/4th the articles revolve around health.  Heck, we even have entire blogs in our ranks dedicated solely to men's health.  And how candid and blunt are they compared to their feminist counterparts?  We are harsh and merciless upon our readers.  Telling, nay, yelling at our younger readers to lose weight, work out, eat their veggies and your personal preferences be damned.  You're going to do it son!  Whether you like it or not!
And why do we do it?
For women!  Not even ourselves! (though it is duly noted that this is so we can GET women, but the point is we at least change our behavior to match what women want).
Education/Labor Market
Another theme that shows where The Manosphere looks to self-improvement while feminists bitch is education.  Manosphere Men always ask whether or not the investment in college or training is worth it.  Underpinning this is not just the cost of education, but a long term financial strategy, the purpose of which is to achieve economic independence, self-reliance and freedom.  Thus, we pursue fields of study that have a positive and adequate ROI.  We also encourage younger men (and women) to pursue such fields based on our experiences.  We do not let the difficulty of math or science stand in our way, but commit ourselves to it instead knowing surmounting this challenge will pay much better dividends in the future.
The feminist sphere on the other hand practically demands the right to attend college and have a job as an entitlement.  An entitlement of which more often than not proves to be a worthless hobby rather than the first step in a well-thought out, long term, SELF SUSTAINING financial strategy.  Then, when the economic realities of the labor market come bearing down on them, they NEVER ask what they can do differently to close the wage gap, but rather bitch, whine, complain and demand government intervention to undo what reality and their stupid decisions have done.
A huge percentage of The Manosphere is dedicated on how to be a better father, husband, lover and sex machine.  Yes, again, admittedly for our own desires, but I've never heard a feminist fret over "whether or not she could provide for her family."  Most men, many of which, did not have the luxury of present or real fathers are now starting to fully understand the damage a lack of a dad has on children and thus are recommitted to be good husbands and good fathers.  Their own suffering and experiences make them quite selfless as they thoroughly, seriously and completely think about their children and family, current or to be.
Feminists?  Are you kidding me?  They're begging to get artificially inseminated and have the federal government supplant the husband and father role, with absolutely no regard to the children they intend to abuse and extract financial governmental resources and societal attention from cough...*raise*.  The fact so many feminists view fathers as unnecessary to the proper upbringing of a child shows they only view the child as an asset to own, a pet to have, ultimately proving it's all about them.

The Manosphere has a significant percentage of its text dedicated towards setting up a business and doing something significant with your life.  Creating a company, employing people, making a better product, innovating a new creation to advance society.

What is the feminist sphere's answer?
Taxing said businesses to fund some non-profit charity that never solves the problem but manages to pay its "directors" a handsome sum?
Some worthless NGO that only employs equally worthless liberal arts majors to protest for some productionless leftist cause or another?
Even MORE bitching and whining about the performance gap between men and women?
Again, The Manosphere is focusing on advancing society where the feminist sphere is primarily focused on parasiting off of it.
Finally, reality.
Notice how the Manosphere takes a "what is reality" approach first, abides by that reality and then figures out how IT can change to abide and profit from that reality?  You know kind of a realistic, mature adult approach to life?
Well the feminism sphere does the complete opposite.
So lazy and ego-centric is the "feminism sphere," it not only ignores reality, but goes to desperate lengths to CRIMINALIZE and CHANGE reality.  AND change it to its own selfish and LAZY desires.  "Fat Acceptance" being the perfect example.
So selfish and lazy (and veritably insane) is the feminist sphere they ACTUALLY THINK THEY CAN CHANGE MALE SEXUALITY TO THE POINT WE'D LIKE FAT CHICKS.  They actually think they can shame men into finding fat and ugly chicks attractive.  They think they can, via political arms and the government, get men to "accept fat" (not to mention slave away paying taxes for the government to surrogate their roles in society).
But the key thing is LAZY.  Don't for a second think they don't full well know what the reality is.  They KNOW what men what.  It is the fact that to meet that goal would require such effort and challenge (working out, staying sexy, being GENUINELY educated and intelligent) they are dissuaded from such a life.  For such a life requires more effort and rigor than being a women's studies professor, a welfare recipient, a CSR/HR manager, AND requires you consider the desires of others.  In short it requires you to be self supporting, and above all else selfless.
And that is a trait no feminist has.