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Fundamentals For Salesforce.com Point To Higher Prices

ByRichard Tarjeft:

Salesforce.com Inc. (CRM) operates on a global scale. It sells cloud computing and services such as marketing research, performance management and consulting. It is a significant, though not dominant, player in the technology/app software sector. Based on a broad view of the industry, broader economic trends and thorough fundamental analysis, buying salesforce.com for a mid-term trade is advised.

Competitor and Economic Perspective

Oracle (ORCL) and SAP (SAP), both direct competitors, have market caps of over $90B and EBITDA values of $17.29B and $7.19B, respectively. CRM is small by comparison, with a market cap of about $24B and EBITDA of $84M. This data indicates room for growth and stock price increases as CRM figures more prominently with large-scale potential customers and clients. Cash flow and competition analysis hints that CRM has substantial room to grow. Though the stock is volatile, the overall trend is likely to be further increases in the

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