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Martha Chumo | Developer Educator

Fast Company profiles the work of Martha Chumo.Her ambition is to build a a school for developers in Nairobi Kenya:
A couple of months ago she ran a successful campaign on Indiegogo, raising almost $6,000 to fund a summer trip to Hacker School, the New York City-based boot camp for web developers, and AdaCamp SF, a conference dedicated to women in open technology and culture.
Image courtesy of Fast Company

But the US Consulate denied her visa. Officials helpfully explained that since she’s not currently enrolled in college and is a legal adult with no husband or kids, there’s too much of a risk that she’ll stay in the States.
If you’re thinking that this denial got Chumo down, you’d be wrong. A few days ago, she launched her second Indiegogo project: this time, she’s looking for $50,000 to start her own school for developers right in Nairobi.
"I’m ineligible to go to New York for Hacker School, but I am not ineligible to learn and become a better programmer! So I am starting a dev school in Nairobi to give myself and numerous young East Africans a chance to learn, improve their programming skills, and build awesome technology for Africa."
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