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Study: Are "Cheap" Carbs Really Like Drugs To Your Brain?

If you’re sitting at your computer calculating the quickest route to the nearest carb, there’s likely a good biological explanation for your craving – but whether it blurs into addiction seems to be the question these days. If you’re partial to the high-glycemic variety (white bread, potatoes, pixie sticks), there may be something to it. A new study offers some evidence that the brain responds to these “cheaper” forms of energy – or at least reacts to their absence some time after you’ve had them – much in the same way it responds to actual drugs. The real question is whether the brain “knows” the difference between high- vs. low-glycemic foods, the former being those that lead to a quick spike your blood sugar and a precipitous drop a few hours later (think white bread et al), the latter being those that cause a slower rise in blood glucose and a more gentle descent (e.g., oatmeal).