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Inter Parfums: Opportunities With Cash, New Brands, And High Growth

By Bishop Research and Analytics:

Investment Summary

Inter Parfums, Inc. (IPAR) is a fragrance company that markets, distributes, and produces its products with two core business operations in Europe and the United States. The company is growing earnings per share at 18.78 percent CAGR since 2009 and recently received $236 million for the termination of a license with Burberry that further strengthened Inter Parfums' impeccable balance sheet.1 With the proceeds from the Burberry license buyout, Inter Parfums is now set to build on its foundation of aggressive 2013 and 2014 product launches by using its $399.71 million of working capital to add new luxury brands to its fragrance line-up through licensing agreements, joint ventures, or strategic acquisitions.

Since the beginning of the year, Inter Parfums has raised both its sales and earnings guidance three times for 2013. In late November 2012, the company issued initial 2013 guidance of $460 million in sales

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