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Environmental Group Targets Senator For Climate Change Denial

The League of Conservation Voters has launched a new television ad counterattacking Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson (R), who last week accused the group of being on an "environmental jihad."

On Aug. 12, LCV announced a $2 million ad campaign targeting the "anti-science, anti-climate wing of Congress," specifically Johnson and three GOP House members. Johnson responded with an email to supporters calling LCV "one of the many attack dog groups used by President Obama, the Democrats and the extreme left to weaken, defeat and silence conservatives." The email also asked his supporters to make a donation to help him push back against the ads "with the truth."

LCV's latest ad, released on Wednesday, accuses Johnson of protecting the interests of fossil fuel companies. "Why is Johnson trying to change the subject? He's taken over $100,000 from the oil and gas industry and denies what NASA, the U.S. military and climate scientists know is true, no matter what the cost," the ad says. "Tell Sen. Johnson it's time to stop denying climate science and act."

WATCH the ad above

Johnson has previously argued that climate change is caused by sunspots, and has characterized the Obama administration's renewable energy policies as socialist.

"We're going after climate change deniers because they are out of touch with their constituents, who want action on climate," said David Willett, LCV's vice president for communications. "Wisconsin has a long conservation tradition, so we're making sure citizens know about Sen. Johnson's extreme views."