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Jerry Bruckheimer Leaving Disney May Be Good News For Action Film Fans

Jerry Bruckheimer has declined to renew his first-look production deal with Disney, basically ending a twenty-year partnership with the Mouse House. It's easy to presume that this had to to with the $190 million write-off of The Lone Ranger from a few months back, but if we take Bruckheimer at his word, it's as much to do with the kinds of movies Disney is making versus the kind of movies Bruckheimer wants to make. Disney wants to make Disney movies, expensive, flashy, kid-centric, four-quadrant blockbusters with hard franchise and branding potential.  Jerry Bruckheimer may want to get back to making Jerry Bruckheimer movies. The irony of this of course that what we would consider an old-school Jerry Bruckheimer film once was considered among the bigger  movies in a release slate.